'Your Prayers Have Been Heard' Dana Jarvis

I say unto you today, 'Take heart,Your words, your prayers have been heard!!

Is there a sound in your spirit yet? . Elijah heard that sound and he knew what he needed to do. He bowed to the ground in a birthing position. He had God’s word, and it was time to birth.” Then he said to his servant, “Go look. Do you see anything?” His servant saw nothing. By now some of you are already thinking this very thought, “Do you know how many times I have prayed the word of the Lord and have not seen anything!” I’ll tell you what, you gave up! Elijah said to the servant, “Go look again.” He is birthing. The servant again saw nothing. He said, “Ok, go again.” He kept telling his servant to go back and look again. Eventually, after the seventh time, the servant saw the answer begin to manifest! Elijah began to loose that word in Heaven, calling it out of the spirit and calling those things that were not as though they were. He persisted even when he didn’t see anything. Eventually, after the seventh time, he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand.

Some arrows were being released!

It is time for you to release some arrows in the heavenly realm today. I want you to take up a whole quiver of arrows on your back for each one is a promise from God. Begin to shoot them right now! Speak God's promise over your life and make sure that hindering demon hears you and very well knows that you are taking authority. The weapons of our warfare are mighty through God! So come on and take that arrow, place it in your bow and speak, "Father, you promised me healing so I take aim at every demon of disease and infirmity for by your stripes I am healed." Now take out another one, aim and speak the word, "I want to see my household restored and the blinders removed!" For every one that you love that needs to know the sweet saving grace of God, shoot that arrow calling out their name and for God to bring them out of the darkness and pierce their heart with his glorious light.

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Even as I sit here, I can hear the sound of arrows being released with a different promise on each one. I ask right now that our Father will send forth the angelic host to resist the enemy’s assignments that are trying to keep back what He has promised you. Now Father, I ask right now that you would bring each and every one their answer. Let it break through any and all opposition.”

There is a battle going on that we do not see and while we may feel abandoned at times, we have angels that are on our side. Know that your prayers are not mere words falling on deaf ears. There is a war going on and anything to get you to believe that God is not able to answer you is a victory for the enemy. This dark sky will clear and the burst of light will come through. A breakthrough is on the way!"

Dana Jarvis

Contact: abundanceofrain03@gmail.com



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