'A Thirsty Soul Vision 2019 ' Stacey Talbott

Water for Your Thirsty Soul!

Recently, I received a prophetic word from a trusted Prophet/ Leader that was totally unsolicited… God is always right on time!

It was like water to my THIRSTY SOUL!

As you may already know, each prophetic word we receive, is to be prayed about and stewarded with great care.

As I began to pray into and about this word, the LORD gave me a vision. A vision that I hope will bring water to your thirsty souls as well!

Just as quickly as 2018 came, it will leave the same, but will we choose to remain?

Or will we go with God’s flow and move into His rain/ reign?

2018, a year for many that was not pleasant or filled with many triumphs. It was a year of many bumps and lumps for me and my family.

Although, I am very thankful that the LORD brought us through in His never ending grace and mercy!

When the trials are heavy and the fight is rough, let us remember that God’s got us and waiting to not only refresh us but to sustain us!

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His sustenance is unfailing, but we must partner with Him, so we can remain protected and uplifted! As I prayed into the word I received, the LORD gave me a vision.

A beautiful vision of a person standing in a body of water. The water was glowing bright blue.

It was splashing all around the person, like the water spray you see in the ocean when the waves are crashing about. As I looked deeper the person was filled was overflowing life and joy!

The water was everlasting sustenance to their thirsty soul! It was as if the water was being infused into their body.

The spray I saw, was the everlasting life giving water, of God coming from them. The LORD also gave me the word Tributary.

While the word was familiar to me I had to look up it’s meaning.

trib·u·tar·y /ˈtribyəˌterē/ noun noun: tributary; plural noun: tributaries

  1. a river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake. (source ©Wikipedia)

Now from what I understand, from researching this, not all rivers or lakes eventually run into the ocean.

However, as I prayed and sought the LORD, this is what He spoke to my heart regarding the vision and the word He gave me for 2019!

Let God be your Tributary in the year 2019! For if you partner with Holy Spirit and stay in the flow of God’s everlasting river, you will be fed and sourced with everlasting sustenance for the days ahead!

HIS tributary leads into HIS ocean filled with everlasting promises from the Living word of God, the Bible!

He IS your Tributary source that cannot be plugged up or stopped up!

Remember this… the person in the vision chose to stay in the flow of God’s River, which led to God’s ocean of everlasting sustenance and protection!

It is there that they were being infused with living water for their life. God in response was using them to send forth living water out of them (the spray coming forth as I told you from the vision) to shower God’s rain/reign upon others in need.

As 2018 closes and 2019 ushers in… chose to not look behind, but to look ahead. Look ahead even now, and jump into the everlasting river of God.

He truly is our tributary to everlasting life and to everlasting sustenance and protection here on earth.

He is our Ocean and the next time you look upon the Ocean whether it be a picture or in person, think of this vision and be infused from the inside out with LIFE & JOY!

Let us all be active in choosing to partner with Holy Spirit at all times, not just in 2109 but always!

Be infused from the inside out with God’s life giving water! God IS your tributary, let your soul be thirsty no more!

“Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God, Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them; Who keeps truth forever, Who executes justice for the oppressed, Who gives food to the hungry. The LORD gives freedom to the prisoners,” Psalm 146 5-7 NKJV.

Blessings and HIS abundant grace to you! ~ Stacey Talbot

Contact: coaching@wovenimpactcoaching.com

Stacey Talbott of Woven Impact Coaching is a passionate purveyor of HOPE through Jesus! Called as a Prophetess/ Seer, Stacey operates under the power and unction of Holy Spirit. Physical, emotional healing are part of her ministry. Stacey is a Certified Christian Coach who loves to speak the heart of God into others. She also loves to write for the LORD, encouraging others with HIS life giving words, in various forms including prophetic poetry. Woven Impact Coaching or her Facebook Page: “Deeper Things ~ Thoughts from Heaven“.


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