'Gods Preemptive Strike to Bless You' Edie Bayer

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies’ Preemptive Strikes to Bless You!

Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, is doing it again! He has entered into a Preemptive War to bless you!

Recently one morning I heard “Preemptive Strike” over and over. I had heard this term, but didn’t really know the formal definition of it, so I looked it up:

Preemptive Strike - military action taken by a country in response to a threat from another country. The purpose is to stop the threatening country from carrying out its threat.

A while back I went to open my bedroom window. When I looked at the lock to turn it, a wasp was there! I saw the wasp before it saw me and I was able to kill it before it did. By showing me the wasp first, the Lord had protected me from getting stung!

This really spoke to me! This was a preemptive strike by the Holy Spirit! He showed me where the enemy was before the enemy saw me, effectively stopping the enemy from carrying out his threat of harm.

He is doing it again! In 2 Kings 6:8-13, the prophet Elisha told the King of Israel’s armies what his enemy, the king of Aram, was planning. This allowed Israel to thwart their plans to try to defeat Israel before they’d even had a chance to launch their attack. This was a preemptive strike!

“One of his servants said, “None [of us is helping him], my lord, O king; but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedroom,” (2 Kings 6:12 AMPC).

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In the same way, my husband and I have been readying our home for sale, fixing it up, doing some upgrades, landscaping and so forth. We had already used up our savings to do this, so my husband applied for a quick, low-interest loan against his 401K to be paid back upon the sale. Shortly after applying we were informed that the loan, which we understood would only take a few days, had run into a procedural obstacle. This procedure could take up to thirty days to clear, and might not clear at all! We had to stop working on the house until when – or if - this loan came through.

But God! Incredibly, on the same day that we found this out, we were blessed with a very substantial gift. This gift was more than enough to take care of all the expenses that the 401K loan would have covered. God had already laid it on the heart of someone to bless us before we ever knew that the 401K loan might not come through!

Please hear this! At the exact same time that the enemy was trying to stop us, God had issued a Preemptive Strike to bless us! The blessing arrived on the very same day, with no delay!

God’s preemptive strike to bless you! This is not just for a select few, either, because God is no respecter of persons (see Acts 10:34). It’s your turn! It is God’s heart to issue preemptive strikes to bless you! In this season, the Lord is sending counter-attacks to offset the harm that the enemy would try to do. For some, instead of surgery, God will preemptively, supernaturally heal! For some, God will preemptively strike barren wombs and children will be knitted together! For some, God’s preemptive strike will take you from bankruptcy to benefactor! For others, God will preemptively change your job title from “unemployed” to “BOSS”!

The most major Preemptive Strike of

all! It is God’s heart that we not just survive, but that we THRIVE! He sent Jesus to destroy the works of the enemy, the most major Preemptive strike of all time! What better way than to stop it before it starts?

“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil,” (1 John 3:8 AMPC).

I believe that the multitude of His children, those who have an intimate relationship with Him, those whom He calls friends, will experience this preemptive war of blessings that the Lord is waging. In fact, I prophesy that many of us will see God’s hand at work preemptively multiple times in the days and months to come!

Here’s to a war that cannot be lost because God is fighting it for us – the preemptive war of God’s blessings!

Enjoy this season!

In Him,

Edie Bayer




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