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This significant timely vision was recently given to me at a home fellowship group that’s been meeting twice a month for years. Only eight were there this particular evening, but God showed up mightily. The vision came clearly during our anointed worship. I believe it genuinely represents what is on our Father’s heart for His end time church and army wherever His people gather in the name of Jesus.

We began to sing. Our heartfelt voiceprint became increasingly louder and intense as we worshipped God in spirit and in truth. The sound of accompanying marching music from the keyboard filled the air. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed dramatically when I saw the King of Glory enter the room. He was surrounded by dazzling white light and wearing a glistening gold jewel encrusted crown. He was bearing a solid gold scepter in His mighty right hand. He slowly but deliberately moved around the room and extended and pointed His scepter of sovereign power and favor to each one of us. I could barely contain myself at this majestic gesture knowing what He was extending to each of us who would believe and receive it.

As King Jesus moved around the room I sensed the presence of a multitude of angels swiftly filing into the room! I could see a flurry of white light, wings, and action, as angels on assignment were continually ascending and descending a heavenly ladder. They ministered to us. Their movement created great waves in the atmosphere that supernaturally moved things out of the way that were hindering the prayers of God’s people. All those troubling long term situations, problems, and relationships, were being dealt with and transformed in the spirit realm.

I could see God’s people immediately becoming brighter and brighter as the glory of God shone on them. They began to rise in the glory and ascend to heavenly realms and they began to rule and reign with Christ from on high. I saw them as more than conquerors in God’s victorious army as they made their decrees and declarations and settled matters from the third heaven, far above the enemy’s plots, plans, and schemes to kill, steal, and destroy God’s people.

During our fellowship we enjoyed powerful tongues and interpretations as Holy Spirit encouraged, edified, and comforted us to run and finish our race successfully by the power of His Holy Spirit. Our keyboard player fired us up when she played the song, “Chariots of Fire!”

The next morning before church as I was soaking in some anointed worship music, the previous night’s vision came flooding back in my mind’s eye. I was delighted and surprised when I received “Part Two” of the vision. This time I could see that the Father’s heart contained so much more than just being The Conquering King leading His Army in victory for all eternity.

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In this vision I saw God’s heart of perfect love. His ultimate top priority is to simply be our heavenly Father. He wants to embrace us and fill us to overflowing with His perfect love. Not only that, He longs for us to desire to walk in absolute intimacy and unity with Him, the Father, and Holy Spirit, and to abide with them and with each other forever. That’s what I was feeling and experiencing so tangibly in my spirit.

In the Bible Jesus prayed not only for His disciples but for all those who would become believers. He prayed for unity among all believers in John 17:23. “I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.”

After experiencing this second vision, I hurried off to church. On the way I prayed in tongues for God’s tangible glory to be evident in our service that morning. He came through with flying colors. Our service and worship was glorious!

We were singing and asking God, “Show us, show us Your glory! Show us, show us Your power!” suddenly I had a third vision. I saw the King of Glory standing in our midst in the center of the altar. Again, He was extending His divine scepter of power and favor to His church.

I was standing up front with many other worshippers as well as with the Senior Pastor. I quickly scooted up next to him and whispered in his ear what I was seeing. I knew someone else was about to give a prophetic word. Pastor relayed my vision then the prophetic word came forth.

It coincided with my vision from the night before of God’s glory, power, and favor being extended to His people and of prayers being answered. It was spoken that there was a river flowing from the altar to the balcony. In it was a golden mist with the words: restoration, healing, deliverance, blessings, signs, miracles, and wonders, that were available to those who believe!

The Lord said, “I am your Restorer! I am your Healer! I am your Deliverer! I am your Redeemer! Then He said, “I have heard your cries and prayers. I have seen you in the secret place. It’s your worship that will bring these things to pass. Turn this place into a house of worship!” Everyone then went crazy with their worship and thanksgiving!

Then a tongue and interpretation was given. In essence God said those who seek Him and seek His face with all their heart shall find Him. He desires for us to press in even when we are broken and don’t understand our circumstances, trials, and tribulations. He longs to embrace us, answer the pleas of our heart, and bring us out. He wants to set us on a solid rock and put a new song in our hearts, a song of praise and joy. Trust and seek Him, and you shall see His glory!

What all of this confirmed to me is that everything we need is found in and flows out of God’s heart of perfect love for us! I believe with all that is within me God is conveying to His church through these visions and demonstrations of power He is looking for a people who are seeking and loving Him with all their heart and choosing to intimately and permanently abide in Him, that they may hear from heaven and finish running their race well and strong in Him!

Worship and bless the LORD God forevermore! He is Almighty God all by Himself! He is perfectly faithful to perform His Word in the matchless name of Jesus!

In the Father’s heart,

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!

Nancy Slocum

Email: joywriter777@gmail.com

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