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A Journey of The Heart

Have you ever wondered why you’re still struggling in your walk with God? Or why you find it difficult to connect with Him or hear His voice when it seems so easy for others? Or perhaps you have been trying to break free from addictions and cycles of depression and defeat but can’t seem to sever the bonds holding you to your past? Maybe you are just wanting to grow and develop and fulfill the call upon your life. If any of that resonates then our mentoring may be for you. After such an amazing year journeying with a hungry group of people and seeing God do many miracles and life-transformations, we are excited to launch our pre-registrations for GROW 2019!

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Whether you are a seasoned lover of Jesus or you are new to a relationship with Him, this journey will uniquely guide you into the life of wonder that Jesus died for every single one of us to live. Over the course of four ‘seasons’ that will span throughout 2019, you will be led into the garden of your heart alongside your gardener, the Holy Spirit. The goal of this journey is to reveal to you the simplicity of living from the foundations of your righteousness in Christ Jesus.

You will discover how to easily remove any weeds that the enemy has in your life. You will learn how to cultivate your own heart garden, keeping the soil of your heart healthy while nourishing the seeds of His Word with His water and light and finally harvest the fruit that grows. You will discover what it is to thrive and not just survive in your life through the practical application of God’s Word. You will learn how to then go forth and pollinate the fruit of His life in you to others.

Nate And Christy

Contact: nateandchristy@everydayrevivalists.com www.everydayrevivalists.com


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