"Let Your Spirit Be Ignited" Ryan LeStrange

We are in the 11th month of this year and there is still more MEGA!!!! Let’s prophesy that we will finish strong. I feel there is an end of year (4th Quarter) Word and wind blowing. I sense God positioning some to walk through doors that they were unable to enter previously. There was shaking to prep for a repositioning.

You could not move into MEGA with people who were determined to camp out in MICRO. The micro bands were violently cut and it was a turbulent shaking but it held mega purpose! Chords were cut. Some assignments ended. Some transitions unfolded. It’s not a time to sit and just camp out for the rest of this year. There is a final burst of prophetic momentum to position you for next year.

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Don’t stop believing for the Mega

Don’t stop believing for the Mega. There are mega words left, Mega contracts, mega opportunities, mega gates, mega doors, mega ideas still to be released in the fourth quarter. I sense a heavy spirit of revelation available for fourth quarter creativity! The Lord is inviting you into realms of creative ideas that will unlock doorways of opportunity. There are mega ideas available.

Ryan LeStrange

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Pray them out. Speak them forth. Decree them. There is more mega in 2K18!!!


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