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"A Letter From Jesus" Dannette Lynn

“In the dark and empty room, you kneel before Me. Weeping and in deep anguish, you cry. Even though you feel so alone, I am with you. Hovering all around you, I hear the utterance of your prayers and I weigh out all of your tears. Through the pain you tell Me that you have been cast away like a young wife, once deserted and deeply injured. There has been no justice for you. Without love or honor, you have been buried in the dirt and left to die. And you wonder, why? You cry out to Me,

‘Why Lord, do even the wicked have the pleasure of enjoying new love and a life of beauty? Their life is full of laughter, as I sit with heavy tears falling to my feet?’

In your heart, you know that I am with you, but you continue to pray….

‘I have been locked up and hidden away. Every key to fulfillment has been so far away. There has been no way out and no one to see, this pain that has been pursuing me’.

You cannot understand how it is that you are faithful in all that you do and yet you do not get to know the gift of promises coming true? In the final moment, before your head touches the floor, you say to Me,

‘God please make my life beautiful and new and please let there be someone who will love me like you’.

As you drift to sleep with tears drying in your eyes, I begin to dance with a love song all around you. I open up your heart and prepare you to receive all that I have been saving for you. Although you feel like you are the last to experience the joy of My promise, I have not forgotten you. I saw you denying yourself every single day. But that burning desire of your heart just would not go away. It was a fiery love flame of My promise burning within you. The pain that you are experiencing is the labor pains of your destiny coming true. Out of My intentional love, I have mapped out a good plan for you.

I have searched you and I have known you. Every thought you have, I understand before you have it put together. I know your path and when you are weary and lying down. Acquainted with all of your ways, I know you. In your inmost being, I created you. I formed even your heart and have given you desires so that I may fulfill them. I am Good and I plan to show that to you. You are never alone. As a man of sorrows, I have been familiar to grief. Daily I bear your burdens and carry them with you. Your broken heart draws Me in because I am in Love with you.

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You are more beautiful than diamonds. What you are seeking will be done for you. There will be love for the desolate and the one who did not experience promise will rejoice. I love that you have laid down your life for Me. Yet even the secret longings of your heart, I desire to fill. So that your eyes can see more of the depths of My love for you. I will maintain the cause of the afflicted and give justice to the poor. My Favor is resting upon you and nothing can take that away. You will not be dishonored or put to shame, at the end of the story you will forget when you were cast away. For the joy of the new promise born will cause you to forget all the pain.

I am yours. Though you were cast away, I have taken you as a treasure in My heart. O you have been afflicted, lashed with storms and without comfort. I will build your life with new beauty and bring to life the desires of your heart. A Double portion is My gift to you. The more you have been afflicted, the more I will increase Myself in you. I will not leave you wanting, but because you have asked this of Me, I will give it to you. Rejoice and lift up your praise because you have moved My heart and I will place My blessing on you. With this new day will come a new song from Me,

Come into My arms and return again with all of your heart. Walk with Me through the tears and the joy. Trust Me to fulfill every promise, for you will experience your birthing day! The mountains and hills will clap before you. People who hear your story will rejoice. Because My love will be a banqueting table on display of how I have made your dreams come true”.

Dannette Garza

Contact: prayer@diamondsfromthedust.com


Dannette Lynn


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