"Wrestling For your Promise?" Nate Johnston

This time last year I had a dream that I was trying on new jackets but none of them seemed to fit. The salesman in my dream kept saying to me “You have our outgrown your last one, but I’ll find you one with some room to grow”, Then I woke up. I knew right away that God was highlighting a season of stepping into something new and the capacity for increase and growth. That week we found ourselves in an unexpected place of having to move house right before Christmas. We have been on the Gold Coast for many years and had spoken of moving because it was a small and confined place but figured that we would just stay put. Well that was no longer an option and we had to find something and fast! We looked a few houses but one, in particular, stood out to us, so we applied for it the next day and found out shortly after, we got it! Let me be honest here.. this wasn’t all fun and games and prophetic dreams. Yes we got the house but I instantly got fearful of the sudden costs a move would incur as well as the time costs, and stress of moving during a busy time of year. I was really wrestling in myself and working myself into a panic when I heard the Lord's voice say loudly to me “Nate do you trust me?”

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See when we talk about new seasons and new doors and promotion etc, we seldom talk about the wrestle in the tension of that transition. Logically, to grab hold of something new, we have to first let go of the old thing in our hands. So God was wanting to take us somewhere new but I instantly began operating out of an expired mindset of limited faith and fear. What was God doing? Giving me the opportunity to drop it and pick up fresh faith, hope, joyful expectation, and seeing from His perspective instead of how I was seeing. I felt his intense love begin to work on the inside of me tearing away those mindsets that were at war with where God was leading us.

So much of the time we war at God when we are meant to just say yes to what he is extending to us. We somehow want to hold the old and inferior thing as well as the new but it doesn’t work that way. I love the story of when Jacob wrestled with God. In Genesis 32 it says that he crossed over the Ford of Jabbok and wrestled all night until he was blessed and given a new name. Jabbok means “emptied” and is prophetic to the picture of how we must empty ourselves to cross over into a new place. Jacob wrestled God because he had wrestled with God and man his whole life. Nothing had come easily to him but that night it all changed and God gave him a new name and changed the course of his life. What I’m trying to say is that we wrestle God so much when things get uncomfortable when we are the ones that prayed for breakthrough and the fulfilment of our promise! That wrestle only highlights our need to let go of old baggage, and allow God to renew our minds to a higher way that is conducive to the path ahead. We need to see this as a season of crossing over and “warring” for the promise. Meaning we need to be pressing into heaven for the manifestation of what he said he would do.

Have you felt that wrestle?

That same week I dreamt a strange dream where I was in a dentists chair all night being fitted with new teeth, or new “crowns” as the dentist said. I saw every tooth being removed and these new teeth being fitted. At the end, I looked in the mirror and was shocked at how different I looked! I felt great but I also looked so different. God was saying yet again that the old things are being removed and he is bringing us into the new. A season of being “crowned” and stepping into a new US, so much so we won’t even recognize ourselves. I share these dreams with you because i can feel that same stirring and movement again for the body of Christ. God is making uncomfortable so we EMBRACE the new thing He has waiting for us, and I say YES JESUS!

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” Isaiah 43:19

I believe you may have sensed the Holy Spirit highlight some things he has been removing from you lately. Some unbelief, maybe hopelessness and defeat. Whatever it is, He is saying today to let them go. For some, it’s a lifetime of holding them tight. “Let me have them” he says. There is a transfer taking place even right now as you allow the Holy Spirit to work in those areas. Just picture yourself taking them, doubt, fears, insecurity, and laying them the foot of the cross. They are now His, and no longer yours. Now picture him placing a new robe around you, and a crown on your head, and He says “it’s time you stepped into your promise! Thank you Jesus!! We say yes!

It’s time for a new season of growth and flourishing and leaving the limited and confined place behind. It's time we came into agreement with the Father and crossed over into our glorious destiny in Jesus name!

Nate Johnston

Contact: nateandchristy@everydayrevivalists.com


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