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"5 Ways to Guard Your Peace" Kris Vallotton

It’s important to keep in mind that the “NEWS” is first and foremost, a business, secondly, it’s entertainment, and lastly, it’s somewhat informative.

The news is no longer in business to inform the public; it’s in business for the sake of business—to be profitable! Now, there’s nothing wrong with making a profit and being a successful business, but when it comes to the news we have to be aware of what is motivating the content we are consuming!

Do not allow media businesses, who are, in their own right, turning a profit, to define and distort your perception of what is really happening in the world! Beyond that, do not permit them to paint the full picture in your mind of who world leaders truly are, or what they’ve actually said on any given topic.

Drama sells and most media outlets will perpetually prioritize conflict, contention, and competition over telling you the truth. Entertainment drives ratings, ratings determine the price of ads, and ads are the way the media business makes money!

Furthermore, in the last ten years, this pressure to create conflict and sensationalism has caused opinionated journalism to take the place of actual reporting! Some journalists are not reporting the news anymore. Instead, they are reporting their OPINION of the news. No longer are media outlets reporting the facts of what actually happened in any situation. They are now tasked with storytelling in order to drive entertainment, along with helping people decide what to think about events!

Therefore, we must now approach and process the information we are receiving from “news outlets” and “media voices” with a greater level of discernment, as most news is actually more about the commentator’s opinion than it is about the facts that took place in any given situation.

When you’re reading or watching the news, remember that the event, whether it’s a political speech, an accident, or crisis, is many times being purposely filtered through the reporter’s value to create an opinionated and entertaining piece.


Sensational news is just as much driven by personal and political agendas as it is by money. During the recent elections, this was so clear to me as I saw BOTH sides of the news “aisle” spin the same story in completely different ways. To the liberals, a blue wave was crashing over America, while the conservatives obstinately declared that a blue wave never even existed.

Whenever I read or watch the news I always review a liberal and conservative stance within a few minutes of each other. Why? Because just about every side wants to create momentum for their audience. News outlets know their audience wants to feel like they’re winning, so they present their stories fueled by this emotional agenda!


While all this remains true, as followers of Christ and Kingdom-dwellers we are still empowered to stay in peace, even in a conflict-driven storm and media drama. Keep these truths in mind:

1. There is another perspective on the news outside of what is presented to you by the media, and that’s the Kingdom perspective. The Kingdom perspective is seeing events through God’s eyes.

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2. God has a divine plan. He is the X-factor, the Hope of the Nations, and He is King of Kings. As Solomon said, “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.” (Proverbs 21:1)

3. History is shaped by those who pray, not those who worry.

4. All things work together for good IN THE END for those who love God. Therefore, if it’s not good, it’s not the end.

5. Our battle is not against flesh and blood (it’s not against people, conservatives, liberals, or whomever). Our warfare is against principalities who manipulate people for the sake of demonic agendas. Being angry with individuals, people groups or government entities plays into the hands of demonic strategies whose only desire is to destroy all humans. The devil is not a liberal, a conservative or independent. He is a true hater! A hater of humanity, a hater of conservatives, a hater of liberals, a hater of women, a hater of men, a hater of every ethnic group and every human who was ever birthed from a woman!

By holding onto these Kingdom realities, we can guard our peace, remain informed and live with heaven’s perspective on the world! How do you guard your peace in the swirl of sensationalism? I’d love to hear your insights and thoughts in the comments section below!

Kris Vallotton




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