"Words To The Troops" Yolanda Ballard

I say to you this day to step up to the plate. Step up to the plate to which I have called you to be a mighty army to be the ones that I have called to do a mighty work through to be lifted up high, high above the powers of darkness for you are seated with Me at the right hand of the Father the place of power and authority and righteousness and holiness.

This is the day I have called you to step up to the plate and be righteous. Be bold be vigilant for the lion, the enemy is like a lion, roaring looking for who he can devour and if you have an open door that he can get into your life he will invade and he will take over and he will destroy and he will kill and he will rob.

So I tell you this day that you need to check, check, check every area of your heart to see if there is an open door to which the enemy can enter in and invade your life for this is the day that I am cleansing my army. I am cleaning My army. I am preparing them to go forth in power and might to take the land. Take it back. Take all that the enemy has stolen. Take it back.

Be the army I called you to be. Do not waver for you are undefeated because I’ve made you that way. I’ve made you a righteous army. You are My bride, a bride wearing boots to tread over powers of darkness. They are under your feet. You are seated with Me. You have the same power and authority that I have in My name and through the power of My blood, you can conquer anything.

So rise up and take back what the enemy has stolen. Be true to Me. Be faithful to Me. Be a vigilant one, an undefeated army for you have My power and My might and My authority. You have My victory for I have given it to you at the Cross-when I defeated the enemy when I shed the blood. That blood washed away your sins and it also defeated the enemy. His place is no longer a place of power and authority. It was taken away when he rebelled against Me. I took it away. Everything he does is unlawful that is why he has to find legal right to invade your life.

You have to walk a life of repentance. You have to check your heart and be sure that what you are doing is of Me. Watch your motives. Do not manipulate to get your way for it will only defeat you for the enemy has no right except the right that you give him through unconfessed sin and unrepentant lifestyle.

So take up your cross and follow Me. Die out to the flesh and let My resurrection power flow through you. Be the army I called you to be to cast out demons, to raise up the dead, to heal the sick, to set the captives free for you are My body and I choose to walk through you through the yielded vessels that I have risen up. So rise up and be strong. Be a mighty army for this is the day I have called you to defeat the enemy to walk in it and experience it to the fullest this day and evermore.

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Be still and know that I am your God. I started a good work in you and I will complete it. I will make you yielded, a yielded vessel that I can flow through for the rivers of living water to flow through. I’m breaking down the dams that have held My love away from your heart. I’m breaking them down that I may flow through and touch you that you would be holy, healthy, and a happy fulfilled people. So rise up and be strong for I have called you to defeat the enemy says your God.

Yolanda Ballard



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