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"Don't Add To The Prophetic Word" Adam Becker

A while back I got a prophecy from a minister and it seemed dead on accurate and was just what I was praying for. He knew what was going on in my life and more. It touched me so much. He told me my situation then said now God is going to change it all. He went on about God making things work from now on and changing everything for the better and me being the head and not the tail and so on.

It was very encouraging but as time went by my situation didn’t change. I even took a step of faith and did something to change it that was the only way it would change and it didn’t work. It was strange because a day after I got that prophecy the president of Streams Ministries was doing a live teaching on prophetic words where people just read you and the word don’t come to pass and I watched. The thought crossed my mind that he could have been reading me but I wanted it to be true so bad so I had faith that it was all from God. But now I know that he got words of knowledge or was just reading my situation then added the part of change and encouraging words out of his own thoughts about God going to change it all.

I think many prophets are guilty of it. One of my main gifting’s is the ability to have words of knowledge about people and see into their lives. I have in the past seen things then said God is going to make it better or do this and that but God really didn’t show me he was going to make it better or do this and that. I thought he would because He Is a good God who wants to make it better and see us doing well. As even in the Bible there are verses about Gods plans for us and they are good. So it didn’t seem wrong for me to add that to the prophetic word as it seemed like Gods plan but it wasn’t. Sometimes God keeps us in a situation and things don’t change. Sometimes people even die and bad happens or God don’t heal people. Its heart wrenching to think that God wont help but for His own higher reasons He sometimes doesn’t.

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I have learned that when I get words of knowledge about a persons life and God isn’t really showing me deliverance or change I simply pray for them and I say I see this and that and pray for change or pray it gets better. That’s the right way to go about it. Don’t try and think you know what God is going to or wants to do and add it in as a prophecy. If God isn’t speaking don’t say it even if your heart is in the right place. So why would God give people words of knowledge of things He is not going to change? Well maybe he wants them to know he knows their situation and is right there with them and prayer is needed. The Bible isn’t clear that everything will be wonderful and perfect when you come to Christ. The Bible doesn’t say that God makes sense either. It says his ways are higher than our ways and who are we to question Him.

I don’t always know why bad things happen to people but they do and then it doesn’t get any better. I had a pastor of a church that I loved that got ALS and died a horrible death. He believed in healing and taught it. He even was used to heal people before he died but he never was healed and God was not glorified and he was no more a sinner or lacked faith then you or me.

I remember I went to another church and the pastor there said my pastor was not getting healed and was dying because of sin then a few years later that pastor Got a disease and died later from it. I wonder if he still thinks that people aren’t healed because of sin. We live in a fallen world and things happen. Its part of the experience of being here. But back to the main topic. We aren’t always going to get words for people that tell us of God sweeping in and saving them. God may keep them in that situation for many more years or forever but don’t be tempted to add to the word what you feel God should do just pray.

And if you have had people give you words of knowledge about your situation and then say God is going to change everything for the better and it never happened don’t just assume that that person was a false prophet or give up on personal prophecy all together their heart may have been in the right place and trying to help.

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