"Healing Of Abuse" Cheryl Ann Needham

Healing for Female Victims of Sexual Abuse 12.10.17

In a vision, I saw numerous women all of whom had been sexually abused, exploited, or experienced some form of sexual misconduct over the course of their lives.

Due to the years of carrying their secrets inside and the lies of the accuser against them, each woman had developed a hard, crusty shell.

The enemy cried over these women, “You’re not good enough! You are powerless! You are weak! No one will ever listen to you. You have no voice! You will never be worthy of experiencing true love or joy. You are a failure!”

The shell had served as a self-protective layer, covering feelings of powerlessness, unworthiness, shame and anger. The world had proved to be an unsafe place for these women.

These women had lived with a rope that went al the way down from their mouths, into an entangled web in their bellies, and through their female areas to between their legs. They couldn’t move with such encumbrance.

Yet then I saw an arrow of truth pierce the hard, crusty shell that had formed around these women. The Lord cried, “It’s not your fault! It’s not your fault!”

The arrow of truth caused the hard, crusty shell to crack in several places, one of the cracks being directly over the top of her.

What I am about to share with you was a most holy sight – incredibly tender and intimate….

The Lord in His mercy began to pour a healing balm of oil over the crack in the outer shell above her head.

The Lord continued to pour, and pour and pour – and as He did, the women’s heads became drenched with the balm.

The balm flowed like a liquid honey over their heads and faces and in the process, the women began to smile and open their mouths in wonderment at what was happening to them.

As they did, the balm flowed into their mouths, cleansing them from the bitter taste towards men and particularly towards men in powerful positions.

I then saw the balm go down their throats, through their esophagus and then down to their stomachs. It is here where the balm stayed for quite some time.

The inside of their stomachs were filled with what looked like a web of tangled weeds representing years of rejection, regret, remorse, powerless, shame, bitterness, unworthiness and anger.

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The weeds had entangled the women for so long that many had endured long-standing health problems. Many women had spent much time and money trying to resolve these issues with doctors and medicines receiving diagnoses that couldn’t heal them.

The root issues which had caused the health problems had not yet been resolved.

The balm continued to stay for quite some time in their bellies as there was much “junk” to be consumed by the healing balm.

Then unexpectedly, I saw the balm go down through their digestive systems and then moved down through their female parts and quickly cleansed those areas too.

Suddenly, the women found themselves free! For years, they hadn’t been able to move, encumbered by the weeds.

And now for the first time in their lives, they were fee! The women were able to move with a freedom that they had never experienced before!

The accusation and torment that they had endured for years was now gone and they began to move with a freedom that Christ had intended for them.

I saw many quickly move into powerful places of leadership in industry, business, government, education and other spheres. They were no longer living powerless, rather they were now powerful in the love of Christ!

They no longer identified as the victim, but the victor.

They moved with a joy and ease as if they had never endured such emotional pain. In fact, their memories of abuse were only distant, faint recollections – as if they were recalling someone else’s story.

They were now living by a greater truth of who they were in Christ! They were now the powerful, strong, outspoken women they were always intended to be.

What the enemy meant for harm, God turned into good and the hard shell around their heads became a crown of glory.

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, prophetic and leadership advisor, and author of Sound Alignment 2.0. She and her husband, Dr. Robert A. Needham reside in Alabama.



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