"I Didn't Sign Up For This" Bill Yount

While walking to a park near our home recently, I heard loud shouting, like a crowd going wild, long before I got there. Arriving at the bottom of a field

I saw hundreds of men in black uniforms running to and fro as the shouting continued non stop.

Officers were shouting commands in the faces of young men. At times the commands were to run across the field only to find another officer shouting back at them, "No, go back where you came from!" The whole scene was pandemonium.

I asked someone, "What is going on?" They said, "It's the Marines. They are drilling young men before they go to boot camp." Later, while walking,

I met two of the officers. I said, "What is all the constant shouting about? Some are losing their voices."

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One of them said, "It's to create chaos so they learn how to function in the midst of it. On the battle field, when the guns are firing, they need to learn to shout loud enough so their comrades can hear them." This day would give these young men the final opportunity to change their minds about joining the Marines.

I then knew the Lord was speaking loud and clear to me and to the body

of Christ. The chaos that makes us feel like quitting and running away, actually becomes our training moment. It comes to train us to function in the midst of it. The God of the angel armies is teaching us to reign in a crazy world, to rule in the midst of our enemies. He's using the chaos in

our lives, He's not wasting it.

In closing, the Lord said, "Son, didn't you know the day you met Me, you signed up for war?"

Bill Yount: theshofarhasblown@juno.com billyount.com


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