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"2019 The Year TheYear Of My Outstretched Arm" Lana Vawser

I don't usually release prophetic words for the following year so early (I usually release them November/December) but the Lord spoke to me very clearly the past few days that I should release this prophetic word now. This is one of a few words I will be releasing for 2019.

As we were about to move into 2018, the Lord spoke to me that 2018 was a year of "Family, Fruitfulness and the Fear of God”, that as the Church we are in a season of major restoration of the fear of God and Isaiah 6 encounters. That was a decree the Lord released in 2018 and that is now going to gain even greater momentum in amongst the many other amazing things He is going to do in 2019.

The Lord has been moving in such a way in 2018 where we as the Church are beginning to see the Lord show up in greater ways than we have seen before, that is leaving many in awe and wonder of Him, but how we are going to see Him move in 2019 and beyond is going to completely revolutionise the Church by the dramatic demonstrations of His power and strength and a greater unveiling of His Majesty!

About a month ago I heard the Lord release a decree over 2019. I heard Him say “2019 - The Year of My Outstretched Arm and major demonstrations of My power.”

I have such a deep stirring in my spirit as I sit with the Lord regarding 2019. He has been speaking to me that 2019 is going to be a year where the majesty of God is going to be revealed. We are truly going to see the Lord step in as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

2019 will bring a great shaking but it is a glorious shaking as the King of Glory truly steps in, in greater ways than we have ever seen. The Lord spoke to me over 18 months ago and told me that Psalm 24:7-9 was the decree over this time in history right now.

So wake up, you living gateways!

Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny!

Welcome the King of Glory,

for he is about to come through you.


You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?”

The Lord, armed and ready for battle,

the Mighty One, invincible in every way!


So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice![a]

Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!

Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in. (The Passion Translation)

As I heard the Lord speak this, He reminded me of a dream I had many months before where and I heard His voice booming so loudly, it felt like the whole earth shook. He spoke ‘Lana, it is not the end of a season, it is the end of an ERA. A completely new ERA has begun.’

I woke up shaken by the voice of God, the power of God that I felt and the decree of God that had brought a historical shift. In 2019 we are going to see such mighty demonstrations of His power in ways we have never seen before. We are going to see the outstretched arm of the Lord move in ways we have never seen. There are going to be mighty deliverances, there are going to be mighty demonstrations of the power of God that is going to leave the body of Christ and the earth shaken.


As I sat with the Lord talking with Him about 2019, He spoke “Lana, 2019 - it is a year of awe.” The Lord has been speaking for so long about the restoration of the fear of God in the Church and that is going to be seen in such significant, increased ways in 2019.

Many have been crying out to God wondering why they do not yet have a “plan” or “strategy” for 2019, I want to encourage you, that what the Lord is going to do in 2019 is going to be so completely different, it is going to be a year where the Lord is going to take the Church and the world by surprise. I could hear His decree resonating “2019, the year of being surprised by My power. You have no grid for what I am about to do, it’s completely new” (Isaiah 43:19)

The way His power is going to manifest, the way His power will be demonstrated, the testimony will be released far and wide across the world that He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and He cannot be moved. He cannot be overcome. He cannot be shaken.

He spoke again:

“The earth will shake at My power and My decree in 2019. My Majesty and holiness that is going to be revealed is going to leave the earth trembling, trembling at My power, My goodness and My Majesty. I am the King of Glory and I am coming in. I have been preparing My Church for such a time as this. I am coming to reintroduce myself to the Church and to the world. Where there has been familiarity that has been birthed in the Church, it is going to be shaken and broken in 2019. For I am restoring AWE of who I am to the Church and to the world. I am going to cause the Church and the earth to TREMBLE at My power. There are going to be so many “face down” times in the body of Christ and in the world in 2019 as I move in power. I am breaking boxes, I am breaking lies that have built themselves up against the truth of who I am. As My power is demonstrated, as governments are shaken, shifted and moved, as things that would seem impossible will suddenly be accomplished in a day by My mighty power, My goodness is going to be revealed in My power that is going to bring in a mighty harvest. It is time for the great outpouring. It is time for My Glory to be revealed. It is time not only for the Church to see My power and My Glory, My majesty revealed, it is time for the earth to see My power and Majesty in a way that has not been seen before.”


“The Church is going to tremble again at My power and majesty”

There will be many times in 2019 at the demonstration of His power and majesty that we as the people of God will be left trembling in His presence. The place of the fear of God being restored, an awe at the holiness of God and from that place will arise an army that is carrying and moving in the power of God in ways we have never seen before.

The great trembling is going to bring forth a great MATURITY. It is going to bring forth a MATURING of the saints to carry His Glory and to see His power flow through them like never before. It’s birthing a PURITY and an INTEGRITY in the people of God to reflect Him in brighter ways than before.

This divine trembling in the restoration of the fear of God in the Church is going to shake out and clean out impurities and strengthen God’s people to partner with Him in the greatest move of the Spirit of God upon the Church that we have ever seen.

“The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!” - Romans 8:19


There are going to be mighty demonstrations of deliverance in 2019. The Lord is going to bring a mighty deliverance to the body of Christ and to the earth. There is a mighty refiners fire that is going to increase in 2019 in the Church but it is not something to run away from, it’s something to RUN TOWARDS. For the purifying fire of God is bringing great deliverance. His strong arm is coming to deliver His people from their bondage. In this new era we will see a MIGHTY demonstration of the freedom of God in the Church. The saints of God have been held down too long. The saints of God have been caged in lies and fears and bondages that have ALREADY Been dealt with at the cross by Jesus, and it is TIME For the saints to go free.

Get ready to see MIGHTY, MIGHTY, MIGHTY deliverances take place in 2019. The Lord is going to show Himself strong and His strong arm to deliver His people from their captivity. (Psalm 136:12-14)

I heard the Lord say again: “I am going to remind you again! I am going to remind you again of WHAT IS YOURS and WHO I AM”

As He spoke those words, I had a vision and I saw Jesus on the cross and then the Lord rising out of the tomb in resurrection power. The atmosphere was filled with victory and triumph.

He spoke again:

“I am going to remind My people again of their victory in Me. I am going to reveal Myself in powerful ways as the King of Kings, the Lord of Victory, the God of breakthrough, the Warrior God. I am going to remind My people again of their victory. Where they have forgotten, I am going to remind them again who I am and who they are in Me. The mighty demonstrations of My power is going to SUDDENLY SHAKE MY PEOPLE AWAKE in new ways. My people have begun to wake, but there is going to be a glorious, violent shaking awake by My power that is going to leave My people in awe of who I am.”

“The world is going to see My mighty deliverance, My mighty power and strength, My outstretched arm to deliver and rearrange and sovereignly establish My plans upon the earth in 2019. My mighty arm will be showed strong. I have been known as the lamb, now I shall be known as the LION! I am going to ROAR IN STRENGTH in the earth like never before in 2019.”


There is going to be a great awakening of Philippians 4:13 and Matthew 19:26 in 2019:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Looking straight into their eyes, Jesus replied, “Humanly speaking, no one, because no one can save himself. But what seems impossible to you is never impossible to God!”

The power of God that will be demonstrated in 2019 in the lives of His people individually, in the body of Christ and in the earth is going to usher in a mighty awakening of Philippians 4:13 and Matthew 19:26 in greater ways.

It is going to ignite the fire in the body of Christ that all things are possible in Christ. 2019 will see many things that seem “impossible” suddenly overturned by the power of God. Mighty, loud demonstrations of His power and it will rise up an army of God that are moving in the resurrection power of God.

2019 will see mighty miracles of the resurrection power of God suddenly taking place. I heard the Lord decreeing over and over “2019, a year of My RESURRECTION POWER!!!”

2019 will see the power of His resurrection REBIRTH MANY in the body of Christ. There will be MANY powerful moves of the Spirit of God that will bring forth MIGHTY resurrection power in the Church.

“I pray that you will continually experience the immeasurable greatness of God’s power made available to you through faith. Then your lives will be an advertisement of this immense power as it works through you! This is the mighty power 20 that was released when God raised Christ from the dead and exalted him to the place of highest honor and supreme authority in the heavenly realm!” - Ephesians 1:19-20 (The Passion Translation)

In 2019, in this divine rebirthing that will take place is going to see the Spirit of God rise up His army that moves in His resurrection power. I see the army of God moving out into the world, no longer chained by fear, but convicted by the power and protection of God and moving forward face to face with impossibilities and giants and decreeing “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM!!!! HE LIVES IN ME!!!! IMPOSSIBILITIES BOW!!”

There will also be many demonstrations of the resurrection power of Jesus in the world. in 2019 and beyond there will be mighty demonstrations of the power of God in the world, the dead raised are going to be seen more and more. God is about to show up MIGHTILY in power and the world WILL take notice. A MIGHTY INCREASE of harvest, an influx of souls into the Kingdom of God will take place as they physically SEE the resurrection power of God demonstrated before their very eyes.

The Lord showed me where the enemy has fought SO HARD in the last few years to kill dreams, assignments and people in the body of Christ, to attempt to take them out, now 2019 will see a DIVINE REBIRTH of God’s people that will move them further into their destiny and purpose. The God of BREAKTHROUGH is upon us, and the resurrection power of God is going to bring a great OVERTURNING of the dead and dry places.


This is an Esther season right now and this divine rebirth that is going to take place is going to raise up God’s people into a greater level of positioning to release His love, His goodness and power in the earth. There is going to be ACCELERATED PROMOTION and POSITIONING in 2019. There will be many SUDDEN POSITIONINGS and REPOSITIONINGS in 2019 in both the Church and the world. I saw in a vision the hand of the Lord repositioning pieces on a chessboard and it was happening at such an accelerated pace. As He was moving, shifting, rearranging and repositioning I then heard the sounds of “grumbling” in the body of Christ.

The sound of grumbling rose from the Church “they shouldn’t be there”, “I don’t agree with that positioning”, “they are not right for that position” and I heard the Lord release a warning for 2019.

In the mighty positioning and repositioning of God in 2019 I heard Him say “Do NOT despise the positioning. Continue to ask for eye salve to SEE what I am doing. For My positioning is perfect. Do not speak POISON over My positioning. You MUST lean in, in 2019 more than ever, to have My heart, to know My Word and to hear My voice. Moving in discernment to DISCERN the new thing I am doing. Continue to ask for eye salve in 2019 to DISCERN what I am doing. For there will be many surprises in the positioning, but My positioning is PERFECT.”


The Lord showed me there is going to be a “crossroad choice” for many in 2019. It is going to be the place that says “Do I go the way I think I should go” or the way “God is going”. For the pathways the Lord is going to move in 2019, the way He is going to lead His people in 2019 for some may feel like they are going down “off the beaten track” and a place they have never been before and for many it will be very uncomfortable. But these pathways that seem so “out of left field” and so completely “not what I expected” are going to be the places of greater destiny, greater life and positioning to see His power move through them in ways they have never seen.

There will be MANY times in 2019 where many will find themselves completely out of their comfort zones and in a place that feels like it completely surpasses their “capacity”. That’s the point. The Lord is going to demonstrate His power SO PROFOUNDLY THROUGH YOU in 2019, it is going to cause such a beautiful deeper level of intimacy in your life with Jesus as you SEE HIM move through you in the places where you could never accomplish it yourself. It’s a glorious place.

But there will be a temptation in these uncomfortable places to stay in what you have known or what you ‘want’. I want to encourage you, that the plans and pathways of God are FAR BETTER than what you have dreamt about for yourself.

These “crossroad choice” places in 2019 will birth in you a resolve that no one will ever take from you, if you choose HIS WAY. It will build a fortification in you that will never be stolen. It will see you positioned for a greater impartation of His fire to say “I WILL GO WHEREVER YOU LEAD ME”. It’s a greater and louder YES to Him to follow Jesus. A deeper level of radical abandonment to Him and His calling. A fire that burns only to see His name lifted high, His Glory and goodness seen across the earth and a place of awakening to the privilege that it is to represent Jesus and the Gospel in the earth.

In these “crossroad choice” places, that place of deeper YES given to the Lord, there will be an even greater increase that will be released upon the Church. We cannot even begin to imagine the increase God is getting ready to release in 2019, but this increase MUST be carried by a heart that is laid down and living for HIM and HIS WAY, moving in maturity and not living in soulish agenda, but pure devotion to their first love - JESUS!!!!


“As my power and majesty is demonstrated in the Church and across the earth in exponential ways in 2019, the ROAR OF MY JUSTICE WILL COME FORTH!!! I will roar My justice over the Church that will bring sudden shifts, sudden breakthrough’s and sudden restorations, but I will also roar My justice over the nations.”

“I decree that 2019, the nations will tremble at the ROAR OF MY JUSTICE and My power and the decree that EVERY KNEE will bow and EVERY TONGUE will confess that I am Lord. I am revealing My justice and overturning the injustice that has taken place for so long. There will be a mighty acceleration of My JUSTICE to overturn injustice, seen in the earth in 2019. There will be mighty demonstrations that I am the God who sits in the heavens and laughs at the plans of man. I am going to move MIGHTILY in power. I will demonstrate My power that I am the God who cannot be moved. I will shake and I will rearrange to bring forth MY GLORY. To bring forth the greatest time upon the earth of My Glory being seen. it’s time for MORE! It’s time for the nations to SEE that I am the Lord. My kindness and My power will bring forth a MIGHTY repentance in the earth and the nations will begin to SHAKE and change. Yes there will be significant uproars and battles, but My people you MUST remember that My roar of justice is being released upon the earth and the ROAR OF MY VICTORY is being released. MY ROAR IS OPENING UP THE GATES OF VICTORY! The gates of VICTORY are now being opened. The shaking must come through the roar of My justice to bring forth My VICTORY and usher in My Glory. Truly I am bringing My people to the place of faith that BELIEVES with great fire and conviction that a NATION CAN BE changed in a day. The ROAR of My justice over the nations will activate a great BIRTHING in the nations to see My Kingdom and Glory come and lifted high”

“Don’t be afraid when you see the nations shake, KNOW that the roar My victory and justice is being released!!”


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I heard the Lord say:

“Get ready My people, Get ready in 2019 to be MARKED BY MY MAJESTY!!!!”

I saw such a branding taking place upon the people in 2019 by the MAJESTY of God being revealed in the Church. Marked for life and forever changed by the revelation of His Majesty, who He is, and His power. It’s going to change everything. 2019 will leave the body of Christ and the world never the same as the King of Glory steps in, things will not be the same. Don’t try and hold onto what has been, don’t try to work things out in your head, just look for Him and trust Him.

A great unveiling is about to take place… King of Glory, King of Majesty, come in!

Lana Vawser

Contact: lanavawserministries@gmail.com www.LanaVawserMinistries.com

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