"Unity Humanity and Humility" Nancy Slocum

In a dream I saw many different people, including me, walking around with loose coins in our pockets. When I wondered what these coins meant, Holy Spirit showed me they represented “change” in our lives (change in the way we are seeing and doing things in this fresh season of the “new thing” God is doing in our lives). With this change of seeing and doing things differently we were able to obtain this supernatural substance that looked like a golden “glory glue” if you could call it that. We were applying this fine gold granular substance on what looked like banisters. This glory glue helped us stay firmly fixed and on track as we each slid down these banisters with supernatural ease. It felt like and I knew in my spirit we were being launched and catapulted into different and higher realms of God’s glory! We were being launched into those particular and unique things, plans, and purposes, God has for each one of us! End of dream.

God has been diligently preparing, equipping, shaping, molding, and refining us by fire in the past season(s) to launch us into the next thing he has for us and it is BIG! Things are shifting suddenly and quickly. I strongly sense that as we get into position by faith and stay fixed and finely tuned to Holy Spirit’s way of seeing and walking differently, is when God will put into our possession all provision for which we have only hoped and dreamed about up to this point in our lives so we can do those greater things He planned and ordained for us to walk in before the foundation of the world!

I sense and believe “the seeing and doing things differently” has everything to do with God’s perfect love and loving others the way He loves! That’s the key, because faith works by love. We simply can’t do it in our own strength. We need to be good stewards of God’s heart of perfect love He has put into our hearts. Our prayer and plea must be for a supernatural adjustment and alignment of the motivation of our heart. We must come up higher. We must desire a greater understanding and a holy unction to seek, see, activate, and walk in a fuller measure of God’s heart of perfect love, so the world will tangibly see and experience the perfect love of the Father for them! It’s God’s goodness and loving kindness flowing in and through us that leads men to repentance.

I am reminded of this question God posed to the late prophet Bob Jones, “Did you learn to love?” That is the question we all must come to terms with, and it’s what a lost and dying world desperately needs to experience now through us as followers and lovers of Jesus! It’s God’s goodness and loving kindness that brings men to repentance.

Immediately after the dream, Holy Spirit gave me this prophetic word that was initiated by one troubling question I heard in my spirit in my sleep:

“If we don’t stop killing each other with our words and actions, how are we going to get there to that place of peace and perfect love God has for us?”

This was the word of the Lord to me for the body of Christ:

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“The road is treacherous and lecherous, and full of booby-traps because of the darkness in man’s heart and soul, but I have come to shine the light and show the way. I am the way the truth and the light. Follow Me.

“These are the times that try man’s soul, but I desire you to look deeper into the heart of the matter.

I paused to pray in the spirit and heard these two unfamiliar words emphasized. “Tahki ta! Tahki ta!” I asked Holy Spirit what that meant and He continued speaking.

“Take it up with the heart of the Father. Take it to a higher realm. In other words, elevate the way you are looking at and seeing things. Look deeper and higher past outward appearances, and what you think you are seeing, or the way you have always seen things.

“Look through the lens and perspective of your heavenly Father. It’s time to see things and do things differently. You must go higher and operate from a higher position and place of authority. Not like before. It will take some tweaking of how you see and are looking at things.


“It will require looking past your own agendas, needs, wants, and ways of doing things to get the results you think you want! That way will always be too limited and too small because of your focus on self. In My kingdom economy and way of doing things there is always more and greater than self-focus.

“Instead, think of the greater picture and story I have placed you in. You are a piece of the whole, if you will. Each individual piece of the puzzle that I call humanity in My masterpiece creation story is My prized possession. Each piece is a person I laid down My life for to save, redeem, and bless with eternal life spent with Me and effectually with each other in perfect peace, truth, and love.

“Each person is connected to the whole of humanity and matters significantly. I have a plan and purpose for each and every single one no matter how great or small the part. It is all great and essential in My eyes, because My very thumbprint runs through every strand of your DNA. Each one is unique yet diverse from the whole and carries infinite potential and possibilities simply because you were created by and came from the Great I Am.

“You came from My heart of perfect love. You carry a piece of My heart, because I have placed eternity in the heart of man to steward it for Me and My glory, not yours. What you do with it is up to you and the free will I have given you.

“I will leave you with this strong counsel. Go back and dig deeper in the solid foundation of My Word. My Word is truth and the knowledge of My truth will make you free. Free to soar in your destiny and the fullness of who I called you to be.

“Worship Me in spirit and in truth and walk in love, for I Am Love. I am your modus operandi. Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. Your faith works by love. As you know, it is impossible to please Me without faith. As you do unto others you are doing it unto Me. Only what you do as unto Me will last forever.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Count, regard others more highly than yourself. Put others first and I will elevate and promote you. Walk in brotherly love.

“This is the higher realm and dimension I desire My people to see clearly, function from, and abide in. This is the place and position of greater unity, humility, and humanity in which I Am is leading My people, My beloved prized possession!

“I shall have a spotless blameless Bride. Walk in this way and you shall see My greater glory! Selah.”

In the Father’s heart,

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!



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