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The Higher Calling School Of Ministry 19 September

"1 "The Higher Calling” School of Ministry Dr. Theresa Phillips

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Dr Theresa Has Ordained over 250 Ministers Around The world She has Been Ordained Her self 5 times.

Independent Assemblies of God International ( She is Regional Director)

Glory Temple

Renny McLean Ministries

Praise Christian Seminary

CGIA Church Growth International America

Keep reading to learn what will be covered in the eight weeks of this insightful course.

Some of you will be interviewed for candidates of Ministry at end of school

Plus a Mentorship Program Will Be Offered

8 weeks

Week 1

1 Are We All Called?

A What is Ministry

B Am I Called into Ministry

1 I am called and laid it down can I get it back

C How to Recognize the Calling

1 Am I to Old To Young

3 Male Vs Female

Week 2

Where do I start

A who do I talk to

B Do I know enough

1 Biblical Practice Living the Christian Life

B Hearing Gods Direction for the calling or callings

C Defining Passions Vs Calling

1 How do I fit in the 5 fold

2 is it for me

Week 3

3 Schools Accreditation or Certification

A Mentorship Listening Growing Learning

B Study Guidelines

1Self Discipline

2 Church disciplines

B Practical Practice

1 Using My Faith

C Personal Study

1 Developing My Faith

Week 4

The Unbeliever in the family

The Servant heart

A The Call and the family

B The Basic Starts in communication

1 How to communicate to family

2 How to not alginate family

C Internship

1 Does it include Family

2 When Family says no.

Week 5

A Accountability

1 Who we accountable to

2 God Family Church Calling

B Responsibility

1 The Local Church Bloom where you are Planted

2 Position in local assembly

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C Authority

1 Addressing elders

2 Humility

Week 6

Seeking The Credential

A Why Seek a Credential

1 Is it for me?

B What does it do for ministry

C Is a Title Important

1 The use of titles and their proper sphere of influence

2 The Art of Honor

A God Man Self

Week 7

Stepping into a new role

A Personal Presentation Vs. Imitation

After Course Certificate is available and Private Mentoring

Also An Opportunity to receive a credential

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