"A September To Remember" Nate Johnston

have felt such an excitement stirring in me for the month of September, its literally been that nervous kind of hopeful expectation, like a child on Christmas Eve, or a bride before her wedding.

Then last night the moment I lay down to worship I began to smell the most amazing smell of fruit. It was crisp and fresh and to be honest I looked around first before concluding that heaven just decided to drop in so I could smell it's orchards. It got stronger and stronger before it began to change and smell fermented.

The Lord instantly said to me "first fruits" and I gave him one of those looks like "very clever God!" but he so simply showed me something key for this month.

This is a month of firsts, embarking on new adventures, new direction, new ministries, new businesses, and new innovations. The momentum around this month is off the charts as he catapults people into strategic roles and positions they only dreamt of in seasons past.

In Australia we have just entered into Spring where everything begins to open up and flower. And in that same way I prophesy it is your time to bloom and Spring forward into what God has for you.

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This will be a month of much fruit, but I feel the warning is on stewarding it. Many have been used to stewarding lack for so long that the moment blessing arrives it's a messy game of catch up to know how to handle it.

The fermented smell spoke to me that our fruit can go off if we don't steward and know how to manage it. Just like a farmer of oranges who plants and waters his trees then is suddenly unprepared when oranges begin to fall. Prepare your heart. Also in the natural, what disciplines, infrastructure needs to be put in place to handle the harvest you are about to reap?

Steward this month well, steward the growth in your heart and life well, steward his favour well and this will be a September to remember!

Nate Johnston

Contact : nateandchristy@everydayrevivalists.com


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