A Season Of Preemptive Spiritual Warfare

Prelude: A week ago I sent out this message to some apostolic leaders I am personally involved with who lead networks of churches. Initially, I was only going to leave it at that. There has been such a positive response coming from leaders they have forwarded it to, however, that I now feel it may be appropriate to release to pastors and ministry leaders at large. Please note; this ‘word’ is not intended merely to inform, but rather to take action in asking supportive leaders who may be part of your team, or ministry, to effectively make new and targeted prayers on behalf of leadership.—July 31, 2018

This morning I sensed the Lord direct me to send out the following encouragement to a select number of apostolic leaders of church movements with whom I am involved with and regularly serve their networks and churches. There is, for the previous 12 months or so, a severe degree of preemptive warfare coming against crucial leaders. I say preemptive because these networks are in a real season of expansion and multiplication globally in extending the Kingdom of God. Biblically speaking, there is quite often an increase in demonic activity which the devil brings about during seasons of new things being initiated and old things expanding. Herod killing the male infants at the time of Christ’s birth would be one. The attack of the raiders against David’s camp just before he is made the king of Israel would be another.

A current example of this warfare is the fact that within a week of each other two wives of crucial apostolic leaders of one of the networks I am highly involved with are having surgery. The timing of this is not a coincidence. I don’t believe in the word coincidence is part of the lexicon of heaven! While there is often much debate of how to come against such warfare in the contemporary church I would like to merely suggest a new call and encouragement for prayer among the leaders/pastors, which comprise your network, would be highly effective. It is often and correctly said, “the battle is won in prayer”. While that is true, it is equally true that sometimes “the battle is to pray”


Here is my suggestion; that you consider sending a bullet list of possible prayer points to the pastors of your network which might include the following points regarding the apostolic and prophetic leaders of their respective movements:

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1. Prayer for protection against physical assault from accidents and diseases. 2. Prayer for protection against extreme psychological warfare. This could include a strong attack in the areas of depression, hopelessness, etc. 3. Prayer against ‘the thief’ robbing finances. That those committed to both regular giving and giving special gifts would be overcome the enemy’s attempt to dissuade them from that giving. 4. Prayer for the staffs and infrastructures of those leaders. 5. Pray that Jezebellic type of warfare would be shut down and that God would give wisdom at this point to strengthen those relationships. 6. Prayer against the spirit of confusion robbing focus from the new endeavors and initiatives the Holy Spirit is releasing. 7. Prayer that the marriages of those apostolic and prophetic leaders would be strengthened and even growing in intimacy, friendship, and commitment. As well, prayer for the children/families of those leaders to be kept safe.

8. Lastly, prayer that, if the Father in His wisdom, is sovereignly taking any of these apostolic and prophetic leaders through the refiner’s fire that they would quickly, rather than slowly, learn the lessons God has ordained for this season.

Regarding this last area of prayer, it should go without saying that some warfare merely is because the enemy wants to prevent us from bearing greater fruit even though there may be no ‘open doors’ on our part. We can think of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. He had no sin, but the warfare was real, all the same. In contrast, we can think of Jesus allowing Peter to be ‘sifted as wheat’ due to the spiritual pride Peter had fallen into.

Either way, let’s pray that we might quickly hear and apply what God would say. I know that last year was the most challenging year I have ever experienced. In the natural, I suffered from an open wound on my lower right leg that took 10 months to heal. The pain from the somewhat exposed nerves was constant and at times so acute that I went months suffering from lack of sleep due to the pain at night. The physical suffering and accompanying insomnia led to a real psychological battle in hanging on to my focus on God, the calling, and His promises.

However, I can honestly say, the lessons I learned from the suffering were invaluable, and while God may not have caused the wounding, He indeed used it compellingly.

Personally, my prayer for each of you, your families, and ministry is 3rd John 2: “May you prosper in all things, including your health, even as your soul prospers.”

In Christ’s lavish love, Marc A. Dupont www.marcdupontministries.org


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