Are you in Transition? " Bill Yount

Have you been asking the question: What is going on in my life? You are probably in transition. Transition is when you don't seem to fit where you used to and wonder how you are going to fit anywhere in the future. God knows. He's excited for you.

Be patient during transition. You are getting a new transmission with upgraded gears.

Transition has a downside: It's a vulnerable time. During transition we

can become vulnerable or weak because of the pressure the Lord allows

to help change us to be more like Him. Under pressure what is in us

comes out but not always the way we meant to say it. So often we are misunderstood during this vulnerable time.

Beware of the Fire of Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding kills relationships and ministries more than anything. Let's talk it out.

I heard the Lord saying, "I have put certain gems of wisdom in some people you may not like. Love everyone for your own good and welfare. Yes, that does include your enemies." ( Ouch! )

During transition is when many are tempted to quit or blame the Lord

for not changing things or circumstances instead of yielding to His Spirit

to help change ourselves.

Before You Throw the Towel In, Get Out of Town

I would like to suggest if at all possible to take a break during transition

and get out of town to be in God's beautiful creation. My wife and I just celebrated our 40th year anniversary and went to the ocean and watched the endless waves, the birds and countless creatures of His kingdom. It's as though God didn't know when to stop creating things.

Creation speaks. We sensed the ocean talking, "Your God is bigger than all of my waters," and the animals resounding, "What a wonderful world." We felt God's presence strong and I know now why Jesus escaped out of town to the mountains to get away to receive refreshment and rest with His Father.

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Transition is never easy but worth it, for none of us want to stay the same person we are now. I know I don't.

If you are still tempted to throw the towel in, wash someone's feet with it and you will find yourself picking it up again.

Happy transition for a new transmission.

* If you have friends going through transition, please forward this message to them.

Bill Yount



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