"Warring For The Promise" Chuck Pierce

Early this morning, I had a text conversation with Penny Jackson. She asked, “WHY DO WE WAR FOR THE PROMISE?” Then she added, “When your earthly father promises you something, you typically don’t have to fight for it. When your earthly father gives you blessings and gifts, you don’t have to fight for them. So why do we have to do that with our Heavenly Father? I think that is my real question. If God promised the people Canaan and gave them the land, then why did they have to war? Why did battling for Canaan cause their faith in Yeshua to become real?” Penny had initially inquired about how I saw “TODAY”, and this is what I sent her: “The war is in the enemy’s camp right now. We have gained a measure of faith victory, and some way have established an upper hand against him. So he must give us what he has taken and what we have lost, or he must back off. He has to give back, cough up, let go or move on.” I believe the books of Hebrews and Judges best explain why we need to war for the promise. God left enemies in the land even through the land had been promised and given to His covenant people. Without enemies being in the land, the generations to come would not know how to fight for their future. Canaan was promised but had to be warred for. This caused their faith in Yeshua to become real. War isn’t like what we think. War is a faith builder!

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Father has already secured your blessings by giving His son who went through the ultimate warfare to reveal the Father to us. It is He who warred to give you access into Father. Now you are warring to demonstrate the destiny He paid for you to have. When the Spirit sent Jesus into the wilderness, He warred for 40 days to overcome every temptation known to man so that He could reveal that He was the Messiah. He warred and won a victory over everything that would keep you from becoming you. Now you daily enter into the war to display this victory and reveal who you were created to be... your destiny in Him. Satan must stop you from developing your testimony or else your testimony will weaken his kingdom. His kingdom has already been defeated. But now, today, only you can enforce this. Because Father has a perfect plan for us, he wants us to ask and keep on asking, to seek and keep on seeking, and to knock and keep on knocking. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7-11 that your Father in Heaven is “beyond” your earthly father. In Hebrews 4, we find that the initial group that was going in to take Canaan had fallen into unbelief because of the war ahead. Verse 1 says, “Therefore, while the promise of entering His rest still remains and is freely offered today, let us fear, in case any one of you may seem to come short of reaching it or think he has come too late.” (AMP) This chapter says that we must enter into war, to enter into rest. The promise is there, but as we enter into our faith conflict and worship, we will gain rest as we secure the promise. “Therefore, since the promise remains for some to enter His rest, and those who formerly had the good news preached to them failed to [grasp it and did not] enter because of [their unbelief evidenced by] disobedience, He again sets a definite day, [a new] “Today,” [providing another opportunity to enter that rest by] saying through David after so long a time, just as has been said before [in the words already quoted],“Today if you hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts.” (Heb. 4:6-7, AMP) I feel like this is very important for us now.

Chuck Pierce

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