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Restitution. I keep hearing this word. Satan has stolen so many things from the body of Christ, but often, we just let it go. We let it slide. But the Lord says, “There is a law of restitution biblically that you should be given back what Satan has stolen.” We know the Bible speaks about restoration of even seven times the amount - “sevenfold” the Bible says. But the Lord says, “Don't be at a place of apathy or a place of depression where you just let these things happen. No. You need to say, ‘I want it back. I want what Satan has stolen from me back.’” And the Lord says, “It's a time to be aggressive. It's a time to rise up and shake off your apathy, shake off your depression, shake off that melancholy. If you will be violent, the violent will take it by force, and you're going to begin to see miracles where things are going to be restored to you that you thought were gone. Ask Me for the amount of money maybe a former family member, somebody in a previous generation, gambled away, or how Satan robbed your family, and say, ‘I want to possess my inheritance. I want it back.’” And the Lord says, “If you will do this, you will see that there will be the hand of favor come upon you. You're going to have extraordinary favor, and you're gonna get things that you thought you would not get.”

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Now I want to say to you, as I have been listening to messages on this, the Lord showed me some things. As much as I called for restoration, as much as I called for restitution, the Lord showed me specifically there were some things - actually, an investment that Mike and I made, and we trusted somebody, and the money was just gone. But the Lord said to me, “Why did you let that money just go out of your life? You need restitution, you need restoration.” I've begun to call it back, and I'm very excited. I have great faith it's going to come back. So, Holy Spirit, I just thank You right now that You are opening people's minds, opening their ears, opening their thoughts to the different things in their life that have been stolen - even what happened in relationships, what happened in families, what happened in inheritance. The Lord says, “If you believe and believe Me for the favor you need for it to come back, it will surely come back to you.” God bless you.

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Cindy Jacobs

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