"It's Time To Build " Stella Payton

It’s Time to Build

“This is the hour to build. This is the hour to show up with solutions! This is the hour to serve the nations as you solve the problems the world is facing.”

This morning as I was praying and resting in a time of worship, this prophetic word begin to flow of out of my spirit with such an urgency. It is time for the Body of Christ to build. It is time to access the downloads needed.

There are blueprints in the heavens and the Lord wants us to access them. There is a narrow window of time for us to grab this. As I was praying I saw Angels soaring swirling around in the heavens waiting to deposit downloads to those people who will seek them.

The angels are swirling looking for a place to land a deposit. Look up now! Access the heavens now. For the time to build is now.

It’s Time to Build!

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Downloads! Downloads! Swirling round! Catch them! Catch them! Bring them down. Bring them down from the Father’s thrown into this earth realm where they belong.

It’s time for dreams to appear and the resources needed to build them are here. Great ideas with strategies attached to build on the land so that it won’t go back; Into the hands of the enemy but be a permanent possession in God’s territory.

Look up! Look up! And see them now! Innovations, plans, strategies, designs!

Vision clearing. Gates nearing! Pathways appearing! Wittiness cheering! Angels gearing up for fulfilling the Father purpose and plan!

For we have entered the season that is in between the battlefield and the building. With sword in one hand and hammer in the other; It’s time to build with sisters and brothers. Pay no attention to the evil one. He is just a distraction. Focus on the Son.

Partnerships forming! Alliances growing! Resources combining! Relationships thriving! God’s people building For the kingdom is coming!

Once before this moment did come between the time of David and Solomon his son. David was a man after Gods own heart; With sword in hand he fought and fought until the time of his fighting did end. The emergence of his son Solomon began.

Solomon arose as a man of the mind; who connected with the thoughts of God divine. And wise men came to his light, and kings to the brightness of his rising.

Everything he did with such excellence; until the world came looking in breathless suspense. To see the wonders he did create with ideas that came from heavens gates.

So shall it be for us again; as we listen intently for the father’s plan. As we reach into the realm where downloads are and pull them down into our hearts.

Proposals writ! Objectives fit! Actions knit! Targets hit! Missions accomplished!

As you build you, you will serve and a spirit of excellence will emerge As you build, you will see great wealth shall come with rapid speed. Provision will flow as never before As my people establish the covenant of the Lord.

My accelerated anointing will compress the time As your download you seek and find. Not from places know to man but from my heart into your hands.

Gifts emerging! Anointing surging! Callings converging! Holy Spirit urging!

This is your moment! This is your time! To become like Solomon, the man of the mind. So ascend into the heavenly realm. Take hold of the assignment you are to fulfill.

Read your story from his book! Hurry now and take a look. Put your hands to the plow! Mark your territory right now! Take your place at the Savior side Occupy! Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

We have a window it won’t last long. So Take Your place, God‘s beloved sons.

Prophetic Instructions

As spoken by Solomon the man of the mind, there is a time to break down and a time to build up. Much of the kingdom of God has been in the place of fighting and attempting to tear down and destroy the works of the enemy. But just as there was a shift between the time of David and the time of Solomon says, the Lord; there is a shift in this hour for the kingdom of God to move from the time of fighting and battling to the time of building up.

“This is the hour to build. This is the hour to show up with solutions says the Lord! This is the hour to serve the nations as you solve the problems the world is facing.”

Joseph showed up. He served the butler and baker. He solved their problem. He arrived in the palace with solutions and strategies. Nehemiah showed up with solutions. He arrived with the resources needed to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Daniel showed up with solutions he solved the mystery of the king’s dream and was promoted to lead the city. We must build as we show up. We build as we serve. We build as we solve the problems of our time. This mindset is the predecessor of the wealth transfer. The service mindset will come before the movement of resource into the hands of my people.

There is a unique window of opportunity available to the kingdom of God to access downloads, service mindset, problem-solving, troubleshooting, strategies, creative ideas, witty inventions, and much more. But it is not possible to destroy and create at the same time, says the Lord. The enemy is attempting to keep the kingdom of God and the body of Christ in a fight mode that would prevent them from accessing the creator realm that comes from God.

Not so! This will not be the case, says the Lord. As Nehemiah did in rebuilding the walls; it is time to build and fight at the same time. In some instances, there will be those appointed to fight, and there will be those appointed to build!

Guard your thoughts, says the Lord for creation happens in the realm of the mind.

Guard your heart, says the Lord for the ability to hear the voice of God depends on a clear and clean heart! In this hour, I am assigning strategic alliances. Partnerships and groups who will work together to achieve my end, says the Lord.

Pay attention to who is assigned to you. Pay attention to those who are new in your circle, says the Lord. For the old Circle got you to your present location. But to go to the next level; new relationships and new alliances are required. If you miss the alliances and the relationships, you will miss the opportunity to build in this season and you will not access the next level.

Just as in past times there was a transition from David the man of war to Solomon the man of the mind; So again, the church much transition from battle strategies designed to prevent the enemy from occupied territory; Into buildings on the territory that has been obtained.

The body must build! My body must build! As you build, you shall arise, as you build, your light shall come, as you build, my glory shall rise up on you. As you build the world will come to your light. As you build, kings shall come to the brightness of your rising. As you build, your sons and your daughters shall come together.

So ascend into the heavens and take your download! Access my mind, says the Lord. Discover the thoughts that I have been thinking toward you. Get an image of the snapshot of your future from me. Stop being distracted by images of evil from the defeated one.

For there is an end result I have assigned to your life. You must expect it to appear. As my body begins to build, solutions with appear, problems will be solved, resources will be created and the world will stand in amazement. They shall come to the brightness of your rising.

Stella Payton

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