"How Then Shall We Preach" Mario Murillo

Are you preaching to what your people actually face? Are you awake to the fact that they are under intense persecution? The left has morphed into a hideous mob. How shall we then preach in this unprecedented era of darkness?

Liberals want a New American Civil War. When they tell us they want to silence the church—when they tell us their opinion is the only one allowed—when disagreeing will cost you your rights, your job, and even your life—when they burn buildings, protect killers, and convict innocent people—the church should have no response? Do we sit back and just give away our freedom of religion and speech?

Having faced with brutal honesty the world of our congregants...how shall we then preach?

There is a story of tyranny in 1 Samuel 11 that answers the question. Terrorists took control of a city and demanded that the entire city become slaves or face death. It gets worse. Just to stay alive every man, woman, and child had to agree to have their right eye removed.

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The elders of the city begged for them to hold off 7 days so they could send messengers to get help. Since the terrorists were spoiling for a fight they agreed.

1 Samuel 11:3 is one of the most chilling verses in scripture because it shows the unimaginable horror the people felt: “Then the elders of Jabesh said to him, ‘Hold off for seven days, that we may send messengers to all the territory of Israel. And then, if there is no one to save us, we will come out to you.’”

Put yourself in the place of those men facing the disfigurement of their wives and children. If you were one of those elders tasked with choosing messengers—what kind of messengers would you choose? Who would you choose to go get help?

You would not pick smooth talking salesmen. You would not want a wordsmith or an entertainer. You dare not send a psychologist or a life coach.

They had to go get an army. They had to make people cry and get angry. They had to convince people—who might believe this was not their fight—to take a stand. That is what we need in pulpits now!

The Bible says they went to Gibeah where King Saul was, and everyone who heard them began to weep. King Saul was filled with holy rage and galvanized the nation to save the people of Jabesh Gilead in a mighty victory.

Who will save us from the disfigurement of America, and the church, by the left? What kind of preaching shall we choose to loosen the grip of tyranny and regain our freedom? The same kind of messengers the elders of Jabesh Gilead choose.

Much of the preaching today is of human origin. It makes the church lifeless and impotent to do battle against the moral landslide in America. Satan is behind this harmless preaching—preaching that will save no one.

E.M Bounds said, “Another scheme of Satan is to eliminate from the church all the humble, self-denying ordinances that are offensive to unsanctified tastes and unregenerate hearts. He seeks to reduce the church to a mere human institution—popular, natural, fleshly, and pleasing.” The Holy Spirit is telling you my fellow preacher to face the real world. He is sending out an urgent appeal: Preach as if they are stealing your country…because they are. Preach as if your people are suffering under persecution because they are. Preach as if God is able to make you not just a spokesman but a living weapon. If you have the heart…God will give you the words. Time is running out.

Mario Murillo


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