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A.A. Allen was known as the healing evangelist who never ran from the hard cases. In fact he thrived on them! On one occasion, a man came to his meetings who was an ex mine worker. This man had his eyes blown right out of their sockets in a terrible mine explosion. When prayed for, God instantly replaced those empty sockets of flesh with brand new brown eyes in front of the people!

Brother Allen was truly apostolic in the sense that he thrived when under pressure. He felt that he was one of the most persecuted men in the ministry because he believed God for miracles. Allen, like many of his fellow healing evangelists, had a lot religious enemies.

Attacks of all sorts were railed at him. One of the most severe of those attacks started after an alleged arrest in 1955 for drunk driving in Knoxville, Tennessee. He never stood trial and forfeited his bail. Even today, regarding the whole incident, it is still unclear as to exactly what happened.

Although well known evangelist R.W. Schambach said that he knew that Brother Allen was not drunk because he was with him that night in the car and never knew Allen to be like that. In Allen's ministry publication, Miracle Magazine, he printed his response to the accusations for his ministry supporters. "Brother Allen declares that all this is but a trick of the devil to try to kill his ministry and his influence among his friends, at a time when God has granted him greater miracles in his ministry than ever before."

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In 1958 Jack Coe went to be with the Lord, so Brother Allen purchased his great tent. Coe's tent had seated well over 22,000 and Allen had been blessed with the largest tent in the world.

During a time when the revivalists of the Voice of Healing movement began to disappear, Allen was bestowed the ability to raise the support that he needed to keep this ministry going. He was one of the first to call poverty a spirit and believed in God's ability to perform miracles financially. His teaching on prosperity were a major theme in his meetings during the 60's..

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