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President Trump & Uk Leadership God gives confirmation on two or three we must present and intercede for the upcoming meeting between the president of the United States and the queen of England it’s imperative that we pray now more than ever for the alliance is to be made secure For the media to report truth and not bias...

PRAYER ALERT AND WORD PRESIDENT TRUMP, MELANIA - AND U.K. VISIT KATHIE WALTERS- DR. THERESA PHILLIPS -GEOFF SADLER When I woke this morning I woke with an "Alert" in my spirit I am sure that has happened to you too. I wasn't sure what it was about, but then I had a vision of a Union Jack( British Flag). I remembered that this week President Trump and First Lady, Melania, will be on a state visit to the U.K. Then I had an urgent email from Dr. Theresa Phillips, Chicago, with a word for UK/USA. Next thing I had a video clip from a friend of mine in London, Geoff Sadler. He had taken the video outside of Buckingham Palace and prayed some things over President Trump's visit. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has done his utmost to prevent this State Visit and stirred up hundreds of thousands of people to demonstrate against the visit. Even to allow the hot air balloon with President Trump in diapers to fly over London. I thought of an out- of- control nursery, Civility went out the window. The American Ambassador to U,K Robert John Wood said, "He ( President Trump) has to put his foot on British soil, he has to see the head of state (The Queen) It's job one - very, very important." I believe that Brexit is meant to be a new beginning, and a recovery of all that has been stolen from Great Britain. Great Britain has always been one of Americas strongest allies, the enemy doesn't like it at all. Please pray for this visit, Please read Theresa Phillips' word, and watch Geoff Sadler's short video friom outside Buckingham Palace. Kathie Walters = ,

Clarion Call Prayer Alert! Dr. Theresa Phillips, Chicago. Great Britain and The President of The United States While in prayer I saw two flags. The United States Flag and The Flag of Great Britain. I knew instantly that this was a time of deep Intercession I had engaged in. Then I heard the Lord speak to me. "Call the People to pray for the upcoming meeting between President Trump And The Queen of England." As I began to pray I began to focus on the "troubled areas the media had been focusing on "The Mayor of London forbidding The President Access. The Mayor giving permission to fly a blimp Blimp of the President in a Diaper.The Marches against the US President."

I became concerned in a way I have never felt before. I began to pray for safety and alliances... Then I saw this. The United States flag and the Flag of Great Britain bending their poles to one another till they crossed. I saw a cross as if it was tilted to my left... Then, I saw hundreds of people run toward these two flags, and begin to cry out to "GOD Raise Us Up! Raise us Up!".

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I cried, "Raise up the Cross! Raise Up That Cross. Lord Jesus Be GOD over this meeting Be GOD Over our Two nations Oh GOD MOVE!"

We Are allies We have stood shoulder to shoulder over the throws of the potential loss of Freedoms, Marxism, and Communism "Oh GOD, MOVE us closer," I cried! I could hear the opposition I could hear the chants of, "No Christ No Christ!"

But I saw, the People! I began to pray more. As I did, I saw them coming from the country from the cities crying "Raise that Cross!." Then I heard three directives in this time of intercession.

1 Pray over the meeting that friendship and alignments are secure.

2 Pray over the Royal Family and The Prime Minister to receive The President. And Make a public statement that our alliances are secure.

3 Pray the media shows no bias nor do they fabricate the well being of these meetings.

"God I pray all of this in Jesus name" Dr Theresa Phillips See Geoff Sadler short video below Dr. Theresa Phillips Kathie Walters Geoff Sadler WATCH VIDEO



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