"The Mighty Ones" Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner

The Book of Jude precedes the Book of Revelation in our New Testament. In it a portion of Enoch’s prophecy is quoted about the “mighty ones” that accompany the Lord’s appearing (see Jude 1:14). Jude is like a preface for Revelation, and it is placed where it is by divine design as it helps set the stage for the message of the Book of Revelation.

The book of Enoch was not canonized because the only manuscripts available were thought to have been corrupted by someone adding parts to it that were not Enoch’s. In my study of the book of Enoch, I felt that this was correct—it had been tampered with and added to. Obviously this was not the case in Jude’s time or he would not have quoted it, and it would not have been included in canon Scripture. So how does this part of Enoch’s prophecy relate to the Book of Revelation?

Enoch’s vision was of a great force, “mighty ones,” that would come with the Lord at His appearing. In the Greek, mighty ones is the word murias, which is a literal “ten thousand.” Other Bible versions translate this many different ways, from “tens of thousands” to “myriads,” but it should literally be “ten thousand.” Some have assumed that these are resurrected saints who come back with the Lord when He returns, but we know there are many more than this returning with the Lord. This is a powerful force of ten thousand who will arise at the end of the age.

I interject this here because I was shown some things about this force in a prophetic experience when I was a relatively new believer. I was told that I would have a part in preparing some of them for their purpose. Over the years, I began to see this group prophetically in other Scriptures. I have sought more understanding on them my entire Christian life, and I have been given some. Even so, I know I still only have part of the understanding of their full purpose, but I am constantly looking for those who are called to be a part of this force. Some of you may have already heard the call to be a part of this force.

One of the things I was shown about this force in the mid-1980s was that they would be like the Delta Force for God’s army. In 1988 I was given the word about the Heritage property being restored, and I shared that word last week. That prophecy included a part about this “new breed of ministry” that would be raised up there. I knew then that this was the same group I had been shown before.

The word I got about the Heritage property spoke of this new breed as “eunuchs for the kingdom’s sake.” Just as a eunuch in the natural cannot have sexual desires, these will be “spiritual eunuchs for the kingdom’s sake”—ones who have no desire to use the church for selfish reasons. They will be devoted to helping the church become the pure, spotless, and blameless bride she is called to be for the sake of the King. Their whole fulfillment will come from seeing the King’s pleasure in His bride.

True disciples live to know their Master, to become like Him, and to do the works that He did. A basic characteristic of those who are part of this new breed is that they march to the beat of a different drum. They can hear the sound of a trumpet that others may not hear, and they respond to it.

Because it will be the nature of this new breed of ministry to not exalt or promote themselves, but rather to live to promote the King and prepare for His coming, they will not be known or recognized by many. It will be their nature to hide their identity even when they do great exploits. They live for the King and before the King, not men. They live to hear “well done!” from the Lord, not men. They glory in the Lord, not in men or in themselves. For this reason, they will be trusted with unprecedented spiritual authority. Cities will be stirred by their works, even whole nations and regions at times, yet no one knows who they are.

Just as the U.S. Army Delta Force may have become one of the most remarkable forces in military history, it cannot win a war without the rest of the military. Likewise, these “mighty ones” will not be all that the Lord is doing in our time. Conventional ministries and churches will be doing the far bigger part. However, they too will be impacted and changed by these “mighty ones,” just as the entire military has been impacted by the Special Forces that have emerged. Now the level of excellence and performance of regular soldiers can reach standards that only Special Forces attained just a few decades ago.

After the Vietnam War, the American military was possibly at its lowest state ever in morale and general readiness. Even the American people had a disdain for the military, and few people wanted to be a part of it. For this reason, the quality of the recruits was low. This is the time when some of our greatest military leaders emerged. They strove for an uncommon excellence, and they demanded it from top to bottom. The morale started to rise. The condition of the troops started to rise, and this set the table for a great miracle of transformation.

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The military, considered one of the most rigid institutions, became one of the most agile and creative organizations in history. A wellspring of new strategies, tactics, and even new weapons began to flow. When the first Gulf War, the next major test of the American military, came, the whole world stood in awe at what the U.S. military had become. This is a parallel of what has been going on spiritually in the body of Christ.

I interject this here because much of the rest of the Revelation that we will study will not be about the antichrist, but rather about what Christ is doing. One of the important things happening right now is an inner transformation of His church, and how brilliantly He is building His people into the greatest force that the world will have ever seen. Whether you have no clue what I’m talking about or have already heard the call, I pray that you will excel in going beyond what others are content with.

Rick Joyner

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