"A New Anointing In This New Day!" Chuck Pierce

Sunday July 1 The heavens opened, and the Lord began to release the following word. As I began to flow in prophecy, the Spirit of Prophecy also began to move on LeAnn Squier, Tobias Lyons, Marty Cassady and Anne Tate. Please read this prophecy carefully.

Take New Ground and Come into My Order!

"This is a day that I'm calling My people to take new ground. New ground is calling you, so listen carefully as I give you the very boundaries of your future. I've been working in you, but now I'm calling you into a place you've not been before.

"This is a time for the impartation for war! I am imparting war into My people, and one generation will teach another generation to war. Shift now to know and understand your place for days ahead; shift now to hear your boundaries for days ahead. I am repositioning My people and getting them in place for the war ahead.

"You must come into My order and express and demonstrate who I am. This is not a day for you to go your own way; this is a day for you to listen intently and align yourself. I am creating boundaries for you and causing generations to align, for war is being transferred from Heaven into earth.

"I've set angels in every corner and established every border of your field. Listen for the wind over your field and look for a new yield. I am setting My order for you and calling you to understand the way I move in order. I am calling you into a first alignment for the days ahead. (Photo via Unsplash)

"This is a time to listen and know that the way is changing. Don't settle for anything less than the boundaries I have established. Don't settle for anything less than what I have given you this hour.

"I am calling you to be land-clearers. I am calling you to begin to understand how to clear the land for the future and how to make way for the highways that I am bringing from Heaven into the earth realm. This is a change and a transfer of a new day into the earth realm, and this day will cause you to triumph in conflict if you will come into My order and align as generations.

War for the New I Am Bringing!

"War for this new alignment! War for the alignment in your boundaries for the days ahead. This alignment will bring you into a great victory and order, and cause you to overtake the enemy. Many would love to stay in peace and speak, 'Peace, peace' – but there is no peace! War for wholeness! War for power! War for the new that I am calling down this hour!

"I am doing reconnaissance right now, and causing My people to know what their real strongholds are. I am causing My people to know what has resisted them in days past. Your future is not your past, so move in and move up against what has stopped you in other seasons. This is a week where war manifests before your eyes!

Soar in the Heavens and the Earth!

"This is not a day for just walking in the earth. This is a day for soaring and running in the heavens! If you will soar in the heavens, then you will soar in the earth. This soaring is what will win this season. This soaring is what will triumph in days ahead. Do not look with just your eyes at what appears to be something. Things will now appear as they are!

"I am transferring an anointing upon My people because there is war beginning to manifest throughout the earth realm. I am releasing a new frequency in the earth realm, coming straight from Heaven. This frequency will hit your spirit and train your hands for war in a way they've not been trained in the past. This frequency will cause your body to react. Wait for it, and move in war when it hits you.

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"I am illuminating the path of the glory of war. The glory of war will uncover mysteries that have not been understood in past seasons, the aspect of war that has been lost in generations. The glory of war is illuminating your path forward. (Photo via flickr)

Receive New Favor for the Days Ahead!

"You are entering a new day, and with every new day you enter you receive new favor. Decree the favor to step into something you have never stepped into.

"This is a day to understand the dragon's movement, and to know that birth is nigh. The dragon is moving because My people are ready to birth what will be the triumphant rule of the earth realm. Look, see the dragon, watch the Bride go into labor, and then watch for two years over how to walk in My plan and clear the land ahead. The place that you have looked at is not a war venue! If you don't hear from Heaven, you won't be able to walk out the victories that I am bringing to the Body of Christ.

"Listen to how I tell you to move. Hear sounds of victory that will pave the way before you. Hear My new word for the new day! This will not be a gentle day; it will be a day My people walk with great strength and great authority. You are being equipped for the day into which you are entering!" Chuck D. Pierce and Team

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