"Prophecy To Your Destiny" Nate Johnston

In a season of new frontiers, we often wonder why we face the most opposition, go through the most warfare, and deal with regular battles against the very promise we are pressing on towards. The level of fight we sometimes encounter can often be so intense that we fall back and retreat, never tasting the goodness of the promise fulfilled. I want to share a simple word the Lord is speaking to me, give you some practical keys, and prophesy over you.

Blocks, Delays, and Diversions

"Get all your armory and set it up in that place! How? Speak the Word over that area. Begin to strengthen those walls by intentionally protecting it."

Recently in worship, I had a vision of a long row of doors that were being blocked off by some kind of demonic being. So I asked the Lord what this was and He said, "FEAR!" I knew right away that these doors were important and vital to people, but they weren't seeing them because this spirit was blocking their way and view. Those doors are YOUR doors.

They are the destiny doors you have been praying for and contending for and right now the main event or focus is meant to be on the joy and celebration of opening them. Instead, because of this menacing obstruction, many are not seeing the way forward and are stuck in a holding pattern, in the place where they feel out of options. They feel out of strength, where joy suddenly evaporates, and hope is lost.

Many get stuck and instead of confronting the spiritual bullies that stand in their paths, they create a religious pattern and cycle of "going round the mountain" which is effort that is wasted with no payoff! They never ever see their promise arrive! The temptation after many years then becomes to try and orchestrate our own breakthroughs, settling for far less, or to accept the destiny diversion of the enemy that looks mostly good, but is the playground of broken dreams where your dreaming is kept under wraps and the Kingdom is never advanced.

Confusion and Noise Pollution

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As I continued to pray and seek more revelation, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Nehemiah 4." So I turned to the subtitle, "The Opposition to the Rebuilding." In that portion of the story, Nehemiah and his people were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and facing an assignment of the enemy to stop what they were doing. The ringleader, Sanballat, and his henchmen were furious that Nehemiah was rebuilding what was destroyed. As a result they were slinging mockery, accusations, and intimidating threats. Sanballat represents those voices of distraction and noise that try to get us off course by speaking against us when God is moving us forward. If you have felt the witchcraft words and lies coming at you, break them off!

But what was the main plot to the story? "They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and stir up trouble against it"(Nehemiah 4:8).

The word "trouble" in the original text is the word "toah" which means "hindrance, disturbance, and confusion." As soon as I read this I realized the purpose of this assignment was to simply cause such a confusion and disturbance that would make the people of God unable to FOCUS, SEE and MOVE into the destiny doors swinging wide open in this season!

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Revival for Families, Not Fear

"After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, 'Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.'" (Nehemiah 4:14)

Many have been in such a fight of fear over their families in this season because the enemy knows the POWER that is being unleashed in families. Families are being transformed in this hour; generational issues are being healed, marriages are being restored, family dynamics are being aligned with Heaven, and revival is being birthed in the place that it was always meant to.

Just like the walls of Jerusalem, there have been threats standing at the door of your homes because you are rebuilding. God is restoring, reconciliation is sweeping through, breakthrough is breaking in to every crevice and space of your homes, and all of Hell is furious. The fear looming is not as intimidating as it looks. It's the desperate attempts of an enemy that has lost its grip on your family's destiny, because REVIVAL HAS COME!

Fight, Build, and Press On!

"Sanballat, whose name means "enemy in secret", represents those voices of distraction and noise that try to get us off course by speaking against you and I when God is moving us forward."

The powerful key given in this chapter is the heavenly strategies that God gave Nehemiah to be able to outsmart the enemy. The first strategy was that they gathered people in the weak areas of the wall to guard it night and day so that no invaders could come within their walls and destroy their work. This speaks to me on a practical level of being aware of the weaker places of our lives that we are regularly attacked in. Get all your armory and set it up in that place! How? Speak the Word over that area. Begin to strengthen those walls by intentionally protecting it.

The second strategy was that Nehemiah asked every person to arm themselves while they rebuilt the wall, so in one hand they held a sword and the other hand their building tool. In a season of advancement we need to recognize the necessity to "stay-armed" and alert. We can't drop our offensive stance while we also build, occupy, increase, and stretch our tent pegs wide. This speaks to me about the ultimate warfare stance of worship that keeps us armed and battle-ready as we advance.

Fruit is at Your Doorstep

I went into the vision again shortly after, but this time there were no obstructions. I approached one of the doors and went inside. As I stepped in I could see fruit literally hanging right above my head and spanning out to the left, the right and as far as my eyes could see. Trees and vines were covered with the ripest, freshest, and most fragrant fruit you could imagine. Then the Holy Spirit said, "This is what is at stake." It was personal harvest. It was promises fulfilled. Waiting over. Long road ended. The fruit was there! (

Prophesy Again!

Many of you reading this today have felt some of these things, but one major component is still missing that I feel the Lord wants to address: Fear of the future. The assignment against you is to simply rob you of your future by reminding you of the hardships of your past and the ones currently bombarding your present. Together this has created a fear of the future that has stopped you from agreeing with Heaven's vision for the days ahead.

Prophecy is the heart of the Father for your life and it carries the anointing to take you where He has fore-ordained for you, but without agreement you will never SEE it. I have sensed that fear of future has stopped up the mouths of Believers from prophesying and decreeing where they are going and what is to come.

Today, I encourage you to rebuke that fear. Get un-yoked from its deathly grip and begin to prophesy over your future and you will feel your feet begin to move again, your heart begin to dream again, and those destiny doorways in your path will reveal themselves.

Nate and Christy Johnston www.everydayrevivalists.com



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