"Exchange Of Power Has Begun!" Chuck Pierce

🗝Key Prophecy: The Power Exchange has Begun!"

Dear Moving Ones: This key prophecy was released on Sunday, June 24, 2018:

Watch as Thrones Are Exchanged!

"This is a time of watching. Watch carefully, for I am in the process of EXCHANGING POWER! Where dedications have been made that caused a power to be released in the earth and rulership to reign in the earth, I am coming down as the Ancient of Days to exchange those powers. This will create great disturbances throughout the earth. This will be as if electric shocks are going through the earth.

"Watch now, for thrones are being exchanged and I am coming down to rest in places that I have not been in thousands of years. I am coming down! Watch carefully, for there is now the beginning of the exchange of power! What has ruled and been ruling against My people now will be overturned!

Your Provision is on the Water!

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"Your provision is on the water. The worship you release at this time will cause water levels to rise. Your provision is floating on the water, but the water level will have to rise for you to lay hold of your provision. Worship, and cause the water tables to rise! Rejoice in this season! Do not be silent and do not hesitate to open your mouth and rejoice. As you release your sound of worship, watch the water tables rise and bring what you need into your hand.

"I am mending your neural networks. As My Names are connecting with your thoughts, your thoughts are connecting with your speech in new ways. This will allow you to articulate and share the reality of My Name on a higher level of understanding. Like lightening coming down, My people will be divinely connected through and through to understand My order in an entirely new way.

"The river of My Spirit must push up through you, causing you to SEE in a way you've never seen and understand what you could never understand. This is a day that strongholds are crumbling! There is new vision being released and you will see from a different perspective.

"My people are swimming in a river of distraction, but I have come to break them out. There are fixations from the past that you are swimming in, going in cycles and circles, and you can't see what I have placed right before you. I am breaking off those strongholds and the pride that has caused you to be fixated; I am breaking off a spirit of pride so you can get in a place to see what I am doing on your behalf.

Allow Me to Work out My Plans!

"Step away from what has caused you to drag around in circles so you can hear how I address what has distracted you from My best. I am working on your behalf to cause My plans to come to fruition. Step back, work less, and allow Me to work and make My plans come to pass.

"This is an hour you can either feel sorry for yourself and stay in a cycle of grief and torment, or allow My Spirit to realign your emotions so you are renewed and refreshed. Allow My laughter to burst forth from your mouth as good medicine and move forward on My path of healing."

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