"The Stork" Joan Hunter

Stork: expecting a new birth of a baby or the fruition of an idea,

a new experience forthcoming

I know in the natural that our Pond will attract birds. (We have a few turtles and some fish that already call the pond "home" too!) The Holy Spirit stirred inside me because I received it and I am prophesying it over you.

You are soaring into the moment of your breakthrough. You are rapidly approaching something new! Whether it's a new experience, a new outpouring, or a new infilling! I pray in the name of Jesus for the Holy Spirit to stir inside you as you begin to pray over this word. I want to agree with you and God's word over your life. I believe you are entering the new and I hope you will share it with me.

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(The definition of stork is referenced from Dr. Barbie Breathitt's A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary. I greatly appreciate this book as a resource for greater understanding of what I see both in the natural and in my dreams. I do not believe that every dream or symbol that we see has significant meanings, but I do believe, that when the Holy Spirit stirs my spirit to research the meaning, that I should be obedient. I enjoy using this book as a tool to greater understanding. I also look up and pray over the scriptural references included with the symbols.)

Praying abundance and favor over you,

Joan Hunter

Contact: info@joanhunter.org


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