"2 Spirits I The Lord Will Deal With" Dr. Theresa Phillips

2 SPIRITS I THE LORD WILL DEAL WITH ...YOU MUST PRAISE ME SAYS THE LORD. I have awakened this Morning to the sound of rain. As I listened I heard the drops on the window. It somehow reminded me of tears. I sensed I was getting a message... Somehow my heartfelt sorrow. Yet I was not sorrowful... I decided to wait... And then, I heard this ... In this next season, there will be an unprecedented expectation of joy hit the church... Many who have been sorrowful, depressed and downtrodden will suddenly experience freedoms that have been held back by circumstances.

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There will be a reuniting of old friend and restorations. There will be new friendships forged and alliances for the purpose of showing the world that the church is once again strong and mighty a safe place to be.


I will expose two merging spirts that have captivated the soul of the church and kept her bound.

1 The Spirit of Leviathan will be exposed. He has been twisting and perverting truth and destroying relationships. He is king of pride. (Job 41) He is fearless he holds no regard for the feelings of others He actually thinks he is righteous.

But, I shall prevail and bend his neck low to the ground.

2 The Spirit of Ahab. This unruly king spirit is a complainer he is weak and he is hiding. He makes his wife do the dirty work. Ahab is weak and powerless to the pagan he married. BUT, he bears the rule of kingship.

And both spirits have ruling rights. They are Kings. Who can touch the two kings? The King of Pride and worst King Of Isreal? I, only I the King of ALL Kings. Lord of ALL Lords can touch their necks and bow them low. I can do this and I am doing this now in three distinct areas.

1 Media (includes social media bullies) 2 National leaders ( also includes local leadership) 3 Church governances ( includes parachurch ministries ) Yet I give this warning... I require one thing Church. Only one thing. Praise Me. And, Gloat not, in the process. For many will be delivered from my right hand. Many will need to make amends. LET THEM. I am calling for this healing and deliverance to restore my church... I am He who delivers my people. Through Praise, I will see you through. Let me do this work Says The Lord. Dr. Theresa Phillips

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