"It's Your Time Angels Everywhere" Dr Theresa Phillips


Today as I was praying I saw a beautiful diamond encrusted key...This key was being held by an angelic presence. The angel was standing between heaven and earth. Then I saw a door arched with ancient stone. The door was made of cedar wood. The latches were iron. I looked to see if this angelic presence was ascending or descending.

The Angel did not go either way. I waited ... As I did, I begin to notice there were more angelic beings. accompanying this angel.

They too had keys. Thier keys were made of different jewels and metals. Each one was suspended in an atmosphere between heaven and earth. I began to feel a movement beneath my own feet. I then heard a groan coming from the earth... Was this an earthquake a pending disaster I thought. Then, I heard the sound again. I felt uneasy at first ... But, I listened and instantly I heard Holy Spirit Speak... Theresa, We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. ( Romans 8: 22) I then felt myself shudder as if I had a cold chill but I wasn't...Then instantly again the Spirit spoke Creation is groaning...look up... I did and I saw the angelic being smiling....And, I saw the door. This time one of the angels had an ancient key. The being took the key toward the door and began to turn the key. My heart was racing with excitement everything around me was moving as if to see what is behind the door. Everything was making noise. All of creation was moving toward this place in time. I heard the sound of a morning dove. The Bird was circling above everything. Angelic beings all began to move in with anticipation and excitement. ( Psalms 103: 20 Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.). All of a sudden the door was making a sound the ancient locks of iron broke open with a loud noise. From inside that door were trees. The sound of excitement on the other side was so exuberant that I wanted in! (Isa. 55:12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.) I was still observing and filled with joyful expectation and energy! Everything went silent in total reverence. The humility that entered the atmosphere was untouchable. A presence emerged from the inside. Filled with light. From the Presence came the words It's time to go through the doors. It's time to activate. It's time to send my people into higher plains. I say GO NOW! Unlock the doors in the earth. Let my people go!" Go rescue my people from plans of men. I am awakening their spirits to advancement. Go show my people how to get to safer realms many will enter into higher realms. I am strengthening the weak and giving strategies to the poor.

I am awakening I am awakening By Bride! I am forging new paths. The angelic beings all had keys in their hand they began to move quickly some were riding on the backs of celestial birds flying to the below.

Some were like armies walking down ancient steps walking down them. The atmosphere charged with anticipation and excitement! Some just moving swiftly. Then I saw some waiting for more orders. I looked and I saw the nations like a map before the Presence. Out of nowhere came a fragrance unlike I had smelled before. It was like a garden It was like a fire It was like spring water... So unusual.. So delightful so satisfying. The Presence turned and I noticed the tip of a crown Glittering in this magnificent light... I was undone I was weeping my spirit groaning... Now I was longing for more...The Glory filled the atmosphere I was in a sacred moment in time. I had visited a celestial meeting orchestrated by the Almighty. Its time now I must look for the doors That he has designed for me And BELIEVE I can go Through and Succeed... Come Lord Jesus come ...

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My Prayer is this... Dear Jesus Please touch your people once again. Please show them the way. Please give them a fresh hope and understanding. Give them fire in their bones. Heal their Spirit and Body. Give then joy unspeakable. Show them the way to success. Stop the hindering forces. Remove veils. Breakaway the locks holding us back. Help O Lord in these times of trouble. Peace, like a dove descend upon your people. Fire like a lamp stands rest upon your people. POWER from above help us to stand. Move your people to be strong and of good courage .. O Lord GOD touch and touch again and again do not hold back! I praise you. I adore you and, I am truly humbled once again that his Majesty of the King will pour out Such help in these days. Thank You, Jesus! Amen Even so come quickly...The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips

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