"The Enemy Is In Plain Sight!" Gypsy Dallas Smith

Friends, today is the day of Pentecost, one of our Holiest Days. The Day that the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples. The Holy Spirit has many functions, but one of them is as a “Discerner”. 1 Cor 12: 1-14 He helps us to discern our enemies. God is warning us and giving us wisdom in this season of our lives. The enemy is being exposed!! But sometimes we must look closer, and then look again. Sometimes we have to “zoom” or “focus” on what’s right in front of us.

You see often times, the enemy will hide in “Plain Sight,” and we don’t even realize it, because it does not look like what we are expecting. The enemy will always use people when he can, to try and abort our destinies. He will use people to lure us in by our flesh and once we are hooked, its hard to break free.

The enemy IS being exposed, but we MUST walk in wisdom and discernment. We must STOP being so naïve and recognize people for who they really are. Our hearts will say, “I love them, they are good to me, they can change.” or “They are not always bad, they have had a rough life, they are stressed etc…” The Word says, in Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things & desperately sick, who can understand it.”

Have we made our hearts a god, by choosing to follow it? The world tell us to “follow our hearts”, but all throughout scripture, Jesus tells us to, “follow Him.” Our hearts were never meant to be followed, but to be led by God!

God has given you discernment through the holy spirit. But you must learn to say. “No,” to your emotions and listen to your gut! Have you ever had a “Gut check?” where something feels off?

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Your gut, your belly is where the Holy Spirit resides, John 7: 37-39 (The Holy Spirit IS the Living water.) Thats what you trust! Not your heart, not your head, and certainly NOT your emotions. Learn to be led by the Spirit and NOT the flesh. The enemy has been hiding right in front of you and while your gut (aka holy spirit) tells you one thing, you have been listening to your emotions.

Be wise! Recognize the deception of your enemy and know that while he may be hiding, once you discern him, he will be exposed. Once he is exposed he can be defeated. Walk in discernment! Be set free!!

Gypsy Dallas Smith

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