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Western culture has divide life on earth into many categories each with its own mindset. Different rules and understandings may be employed in each of the segmented parts of life’s activities. Some of the major categories or divisions are:

  1. School, Education

  2. Family, Home

  3. Job, Business, Occupation, Career

  4. Church, Religion, Ministry

  5. Recreation, vacations, Hobbies

  6. Retirement, Medical, Financial

  7. End of Life, Memorials, Legacy

Many sub divisions could be listed under the major categories. In addition there are many more specific functions of activity and responsibility involved in each sub division. For example under Family there is father, husband, mother, wife, infant, young child, teenage, young adult, and adult child, each having its own function and responsibilities in the family.

There are many books and training courses available to instruct a person on all of the various aspects of life. It is common for a person of western culture to function with a somewhat different mindset in each of the various different segments of life. It is easy to see how a generation of intelligent western thinking young adults can be overwhelmed with the thoughts of facing life. Being overwhelmed with facing life can lead to seeking to escape by using drugs, alcohol, mental fantasies, video games, sports, or other mind-numbing or unrealistic escapes from facing real life including suicide..

Dear Friends, THIS IS NOT GOD’S KINGDOM WAY OF LIFE. God never intended mankind to function as an orphan depending upon our own intelligence and strength to guide us in ruling our lives, much less in ruling this world.


[Please slow down and ask God to open your spirit to receive the deeper Spirit reality of the kingdom life design that washes away all the stress and striving of life in this world. This which we are about to look into will not fit under any category of our western intellectual pursuit of life.]


Father, we come in the name of Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah, with open hearts and submitted minds, seeking the fullness of the reality of Your kingdom, Your righteous way of doing and being. Wash us, oh God, cleanse our minds and hearts from the error of our ways. Restore us unto Your kingdom way of thinking and understanding. We bring our lives, spirit, soul, and body into submission to your greater reality of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from heaven. Father, by Your Spirit, pour into us Your unchallengeable heavenly wisdom that is beyond all earthly knowledge and understanding. Amen!



ONE LIFE under ONE HEAD. ONE BODY with ONE GOAL that is made up of many parts designed to function together, each supplying its part in the ONE KINGDOM under the ONE KING, CHRIST JESUS, YESUAH, MESIAH.


All that exists in heaven and on earth is ONE CREATION of many parts that are innumerable and vast beyond all measure and imagination that all fit perfectly together into one creation.

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The principle is that in the ONE are the many. The many emanate from the ONE. Therefore, the many are of ONE. We have one God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE. One God from whom ALL creation flows and continues to exist. Creation is ONE with God. It emanates from Him and remains a visible living reality by Him.

Satan’s one work is to attempt to DIVIDE creation from God. Division or separation from God disorders and thereby destroys perfect creation order and existence. His work of enticing any of the many that he can is to divide or separate from the ONE GOD. This disrupts the flow of life from the ONE GOD which is death that steals the glory of God in that part of creation. All of the works of the devil are of one work which is DIVISION. Under the one are the many parts of evil.

The many are in the ONE.

Adam was given ONE LAW. Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adam was given ONE JOB or occupation. Have dominion of life on earth for and with God.

As a Son of God, he ruled the Garden of God’s perfect provision with the authority and wisdom of God from a personal daily relationship with Father God.

Jesus, the last Adam, reclaimed and reestablished the position of Son of Father God that Adam had lost. All authority, power, and wisdom to rule this world is reestablished in Christ Jesus. Mankind has full redemption and restoration available to us now in Christ Jesus.

There is ONE Savior, One Redeemer, One Restorer, One Way, One Truth and One life. One Lord and King, Christ Jesus, ONE way to intimate oneness with Father God.

Jesus taught ONE greatest LAW, the law of LOVE that fulfills all law and prophecy.

Jesus never partook from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life in God and God in Him is total wisdom and understanding that far exceeds the knowledge of natural man without God. Heavenly wisdom understands all of the wisdom of man and much more. Heavenly wisdom is imparted in Christ by the Spirit of Father God as we commune with Him daily and moment by moment.

The natural man without the indwelling Spirit of God cannot understand the heavenly wisdom of God for it is foolishness to him.

The knowledge and wisdom of natural man is like trying to understand all things from the bottom of the pyramid of heavenly knowledge and wisdom. Spirit understanding is like starting from the top of the pyramid of the wisdom and knowledge of God where all wisdom and knowledge is contained in ONE place. Starting at any one spot on the broad base of the pyramid is a very limited breadth of one dot of gained understanding and wisdom.

Seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness is seeking intimate subjected relationship with our Father God in Christ Jesus by the Spirit. In that relationship all wisdom and understanding is available to us. All things are added to us, and we have the mind of Christ on each and every matter at hand to guide us in all things.


Proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of God redeems and restores the perfect order and unity to the creation as ONE with God.

Preaching unity DOES NOT produce the kingdom of God on earth.

Unity or oneness of creation on earth is not possible without the total focus of the parts on the ONE GOD and the ONE KINGDOM. The One message of the kingdom of God contains all the many parts of the biblical gospel of God. The gospel of the kingdom provides the word of God for all aspects of all life on earth. All the many parts of life are involved in the gospel of the kingdom that Christ Jesus brings to earth in His people.

All aspects of the order of God, including all that is needed to open the way for the continuing flow of LOVE, are available by Spirit God to guide our lives. All that is involved in the perfect order of life on earth is provided in Christ Jesus and His word of the kingdom. All that is needed to fulfill our part in any of the seven major categories mentioned in this writing is made available through impartation in the reality of the kingdom of God.

The Love of God flowing from God is the fullness of the life from God Himself dwelling in and with us, bringing the reality of the kingdom of heaven into this world in His people. In GOD’S LOVE is all grace, mercy, wisdom, power, understanding, knowledge, and the fulfillment of all law and prophecy. All that is needed to fill the earth with the perfect order of God on earth freely flows by SPIRIT GOD in Christ Jesus into His kingdom people on earth.

It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

Ronald D McGatlin www.openheaven.com basileia@earthlink.net


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