"Are You Waiting On God?" Kris Vallotton

I want to talk to you about waiting on God—this can be one of the most challenging aspects in your walk with the Lord. Perhaps you know that there’s a destiny on your life and want it to go ahead and start already, or maybe you’re hungry to be influential, and are seeking out opportunities to lead. The waiting season is important but it’s one that most people want to avoid, thinking that it’s boring or painful… the lie that can come up while you’re waiting is that you’re missing out or that God is withholding good things from you. I know this feels true but as I’ve said before your feelings are great servants but terrible masters. When you feel like this, it’s important to remember that the Lord is not a distant God. He’s kind and He loves to lavish His children with good gifts. So what’s the disconnect? Why do we have to wait for the things we so desperately want? I’m an old man and have lived through this myself. What I’ve learned is that between the promise and the palace there should always be a process—one that is natural and needed. It is the process that prepares and develops us so that we have the character that it takes and the skills that are necessary to be successful in the palace. The truth is we all need the process of preparation before the promotion. So, what if we shifted our perspective from seeing waiting as withholding and rather as preparation? I wrote about waiting well on the blog this week, so check it out to read how to wait well.

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Beyond that, I’d love for you to read it if you’re a leader, because there are two sides of the coin when it comes to premature promotion. On one hand, people don’t know the timing or season God has them in, so they jump ahead before they’re properly prepared. However another side of the coin has to do with the people who promote others before the time is right. Leaders: do you realize that if you rob people of a waiting season, and promote them before they’re ready, you could do more damage than help? Whether you’re in a waiting season right now, or walking alongside people of potential who want to jump ahead of God’s timing for their lives, I pray that you’ll be encouraged to know that God is with you, in the waiting. He wants to guide you and show you His perfect timing. Many blessings, Kris

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