• Elizabeth Enlow

"Practical Love Talk" Elizabeth Enlow

Oh this man…(swoon : )…I knew from our beginning that he was rare, so I purposed to make sure that of all the people who would ever respect and love him, I would respect and love him the most. Many do indeed appreciate and honor my hubby and I’m grateful for how it continues to challenge me to keep up! Let me assure you, as one who knows him even in his worst moments, he’s truly a gift to our hearts and lives and especially to mine…some may think he’s perfect…well, he actually is, at least as perfect as anyone can be in my eyes. Since he’s such a numbers kinda guy, I’d like to honor him on our 30th anniversary by listing 30 reasons why I know Mr. Wonderful loves me (in no particular order): He tells me he loves me countless times a day. He listens to me. He makes our bed every day just because he knows I like it. He says he’s sorry when he’s wrong. He forgives me when I’m wrong. He has always kept his word. He fights for my dreams to become reality and my voice to be heard. He enjoys me. He loves to talk to me and tell me things he’s thinking. He includes me in decisions he makes and values my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. He adores our children and loves them well, but has always prioritized me above them. He loves to help me solve problems and doesn’t mind being part of the solution. He genuinely enjoys being a team with me. He loves exploring new places and having new experiences with me. He is careful and thoughtful about anything that he knows will affect my heart. He is willing to grow and change and learn new ways to improve our relationship. He doesn’t whine or complain about working hard at anything and enjoys providing financially for our family. He misses me when we’re apart. He has never once been violent or emotionally abusive with me. He has never once said or implied he wasn’t happy with anything about my body. He looks at me and speaks to me in ways that tell me I’m beautiful. He prays for me and wars over me when I’m feeling attacked. He hates it when I don’t feel good or I’m in pain physically or emotionally. He’s consistently kind to me. He has never relegated me as the one to keep the house…he has always happily contributed…changed diapers (back in the day), gone grocery shopping, cooked, cleaned, organized, etc. (although I’m pretty sure he has never cleaned a toilet, ever) He openly shows his affection for me in front of others.

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He sacrifices his own needs frequently to prefer my needs. He’s always been incredibly patient with me, even though we see and do things so differently. He’s tender and compassionate when I need it the most. He has never once walked away from me when we’re trying to resolve a conflict between us, even if it means talking all night.

Elizabeth Enlow

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