• Nancy Slocum

"Tend My Garden" Nancy Slocum


Showers of flowers are raining down from My hand to yours. Each one is a love note, a sign from me that I am the God of beauty and plenty. I am making all things new. When you behold the beauty of each blossom and their purity of colors, remember my covenant rainbow and my faithfulness to you. My flowers each Spring usher in a fresh new season of blessings and growth. I am doing a new thing in every area of your lives, My children, as I continue to expand and mature you and prepare you for my return. These next three years particularly are going to be years of sweeping change all across the board. I am resurrecting dead and sleeping things and putting other things to rest or complete sleep. As any good gardener, I am clearing and cultivating My garden. Always planting and watering seeds. I rain on the just and unjust because I am good, but do not be fooled. I am always putting things in order as I pull out the weeds and dig out roots that suffocate and do harm to good seed. How does My garden grow? It grows by faith through love. My love, the God kind of love, as fertilizer that makes everything grow, bloom, and beautify My kingdom garden. The domain of my kingdom garden is rooted and grounded in my ways of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. My pure love for my creation holds it all together as I unceasingly and diligently work to bring all things to their full maturity. I am a patient and compassionate master gardener always tending to my domain. I most often work underground and out of sight at the root of things were it truly matters and makes the difference. I am the God of order and peace. I am making all things beautiful in their time. I am bringing each seed to its full maturity, potential, and beauty, for there is purpose, perfect design, and order in everything I do and create. Never lose heart or hope no matter what shape My kingdom garden appears to be in on the surface. You can trust the Master Gardener is working and has everything under control in His hands.

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Love in Jesus,

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

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