• Nate Johnston

"Rest Is Your Reset" Nate Johnston

A few weeks ago I had a powerful and very confronting dream where a general in the faith i grew up admiring was speaking with me about family, life, and ministry when he suddenly bursts out laughing and says "Do you want to know the secret to longevity?". He then looks over at his desk and points to his bible. When i woke up the Lord began speaking to me about the power of refuelling and rest that we so easily forget about when we are in busy seasons. This simple yet incredible truth pierced my heart deeply because at the moment we are 4 months into a very big year of writing and it can be very time consuming and demanding. In the middle of that God was saying to me "Don't forget to to rest and refuel!" It is the strength found in abiding in Jesus, in His word, and making sure we move from rest, out of the overflow of His presence, and in the might of the Spirit. I want to extend this invitation to you today. What has been warring against your rest? What has been stealing your joy and slowly depleting you of your strength? I sense such a strong invitation to just REST in the presence of Jesus. No striving, no trying to prove something to Him, just simple rest by being with Him. REST in the presence of beautiful King Jesus as He RESETS all the noise, confusion and chaos surrounding you.

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I encourage you to stop what you are doing, and just take some time out of your day and sit at the feet of our wonderful King. Listen to what He speaks to your heart. I feel His heartbeat even now that He is longing for those who will learn to rest in Him in the midst of life's busy-ness. When we are surrounded by an ambitious world trying to make something of themselves, this is the source of true peace and power. The ones who are learning to sit in surrender at the feet of Jesus will arise like the dayspring dawn. He wants to speak to your heart today, listen for His voice in the rest.

Nate Johnston

Contact: nateandchristy@everydayrevivalists.com



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