• Stacey Talbott

"We Will Rise" Stacey Talbott

Will WE RISE Easter, the most important celebration for those who practice the Christian faith! As I contemplate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, this is what the Lord has placed on my heart. Will we RISE to all that Jesus gave us on the cross that day? God loved us so much that HE wants to spend eternity with us. He conquered sin, death and the grave. That means the freedom to be all that God has created us to be! You see, He LOVES us so much that He not only wants us to live eternally with him, but to excel and prevail while we are here on earth. Walking this earth is our chance to SHINE for Jesus. *Sharing how he has paved the way for us to live eternally in Heaven with Him. *Sharing the gospel of true redemption through God's great grace. *Sharing how He has delivered us from the sins of our past. *Sharing how He has delivered us from things that man would cast us aside for. *Sharing how He still heals our afflictions. You see we each have a call... because we each have a different story and message that is uniquely ours! A call to reach to those who do not know our Living Savior! If we are IN Christ we are called to minister the Gospel to everyone we come in contact with. God will lead us how to best do that in every situation if we just reach out and TRUST Him. It's time to put away what we "think" ministry should look like and think out of the box! No pulpit required and the only string attached is the one that connects us to HIM!. Time to cut through religious mindsets and share the true message of JESUS! The message of a man who bore it all for you and me. The message of a man who doesn't care what your mess looks like, for he sees through the glasses of grace. The message of a man who loves unconditionally. The message of a man who is calling you out of the boat to walk on the water with HIM! There is no perfect formula for what God has called you to do. Simply follow HIS lead and SOAR with the Eagles! This is what I hear the Lord saying... "The time is NOW! Time to run my child and soar with the eagles and stop running with the chickens. You have been made to fly and your portion is in the sky! You are made to feed from the heavens and not peck the ground for your sustenance! Stop running around on the ground in confusion. Look to me for your perspective should be from the sky.

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The sky should be your limit. Stop operating from a pecking perspective and eating the leftovers on the ground. Choose to not chase after the crowd and run after man. Will you RISE and fly with me my child? Called you are and fly you will if you only look unto me, I will help you see with the eyes of the eagle. Now rise, RISE with me!” Prayer Lord, help us to shift our focus and mindset to one of Jesus only! Let us think only of you and what you have called us to do. Forgive us Lord, where we have failed to step up in our call. Forgive us Lord, where we have compared ourselves to others. I want to fly with the Eagles and soar in my call. Help me to trust. lean and rely on you only. Let me see others as you see them and let me reach further than I can imagine with the hand of God to all you place in my path. In Jesus name, AMEN

Stacey Talbott




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