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As many of you know, we have been walking with our daughter Justice through a significant battle with her health- and specifically with her reproductive health. March 8, she had a 7 hour surgery performed by a Dr. Cook who is perhaps the most advanced endometriosis surgeon on the planet. Most uniquely he is also a fertility specialist and his goal is always doing whatever is possible to protect reproductive capability. Our Justice was found to have stage 4 endometriosis that was spread almost beyond belief into surrounding organs. However, Dr. Cook is confident (and so are we) that he removed all endometriosis and that she will have no trouble having children when the time comes. When I asked Dr. Cook how long had the endometriosis been attacking her body he shocked us by saying quickly and confidently “10 years”. It explained all kinds of health and energy challenges that Justice has had over the years.


One of the joys and challenges of being called into prophetic ministry is how the Lord will allow us to parabolically experience a truth and reality that is much greater than our personal circumstance. As I have shared before, the name Justice Hope was given to us supernaturally- though Elizabeth and I had chosen other names. The Lord had an accompanying message to us of His capability of providing justice whenever and however He wishes as it is a foundation of His throne.

The 24th of February was her 24th or "golden birthday" and it was designed to be a marker that tells of a new maturation of justice into a place of government. There are 24 elders around the throne whose continual cries, prayers and praises insist on the theme of justice and in specific the justice due the Lamb for the suffering and blood shedding He paid for. "Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!” (Rev. 5:12) These 7 “debts" owed to the Lamb are associated with the 7 mountains of society. Power (government), Riches (economy), Wisdom (education), Strength (family), Honor (religion), Glory (arts/celebration) and Blessing (media). Ultimately our 7 mountain assignment is not about US but about the Lamb receiving His just reward for His harsh and incomparable sacrifice. It is a justice matter and why the Father is releasing His very own Justice League here at this time. While we are fine also caring about our own justice matters the bigger story is the justice due the Lamb, as His blood cries out louder than any other blood, and it will be satisfied.


I believe that as of March 8 (3/8) we have entered into the next level of justice being restored. This is particularly so as it relates to justice in government. All over the world right now injustice in government is being exposed in an unprecedented manner and governments are toppling. With our own daughter Justice we have had a couple years of being aware she was in pain and not right- but a new stage was entered into once she actually went under the knife into corrective surgery. As a nation we too are now going to go beyond the recent awareness of the pain of injustice into another level of exposure and extraction of root culprits. It is corrective surgery time. For the next 7 months there will be surprise after surprise at the levels of complicity in our government. Many things that many have suspected will be borne out, but there will be significant surprises as well at the depth of collusion between players of injustice.

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What is about to be revealed is the actual collusion behind the alleged/fake collusion. The embedded manipulators behind the collusion claims against the present administration are getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar and it is going to allow true justice to become healthy again. There has been a “deep state” agenda at play in our nation and that is going to get the light turned on it and be revealed. This agenda is not so much a black and white “evil" agenda as many conspiracy-minded followers might view it, but rather a deceptive humanism that even feels like “doing good” for those involved in it. These, of course, becoming unwitting collaborators with the demonic and with “evil” but it is simply deception. Any time you think you are smarter than God you are going to fall prey to this. Our Supreme Court, our Department of Justice, our FBI, our CIA and more has had some level of complicity in this and this is not only going to come out but be dealt with. Expect shenanigans regarding Supreme Court justices to be exposed and expect up to half the court to be replaced sooner than you could imagine.


Ten years ago this September 29, the Dow Jones fell 777.7 points in one day (a record at the time), shocking the world economy with an unprecedented loss of over 1 trillion dollars, that led us into a significant world recession. What has not yet come out is how a much worse and more severe end was being determined by some of these above mentioned world-colluders, with a humanistic agenda of their own. I was shown by the Lord that He actually stepped in and rescued us from what was intended.( I wrote about that in my book “The 7 Mountain Mantle”). What has not yet been publicly revealed is who actually was behind the manipulating of events that lead to the crash of that day. Yes, of course, they used unhealthy visible financial dynamics (“toxic mortgages” etc.) but it was all part of a manipulation towards world social engineering. This is the fatal error of these humanistic thinkers is that they are attempting to socially engineer the world into what they presume to be a better world order- but it is directly anti the order of the coming kingdom of God. Because they carry utopian concepts of peace and wealth-sharing they believe that the ends justifies the means, in what they are attempting, but they are blind to the fact that the energy for their motivation is Luciferian at core. It is a world social engineering agenda that comes from eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. “Evil” often doesn’t look like ISIS, but more often comes from one who has listened to the serpent say “hath God said?” and then goes for the logical conclusion.


If Satan is masterminding a world social agenda it is because he recognizes that God has a world social agenda He is working. Satan does nothing creatively or with innovation, he only hates our God and attempts to bring the opposite of whatever he perceives God is doing. I will here subject myself to some criticism by presenting God’s World Social Agenda as three simple objectives. His Master Agenda is that love would prevail and that we have a Habakuk 2:14 ending, but in a subheading of how that is best accomplished there are three key social objectives.

1) Freedom Advanced 2) Israel Protected 3) Abundance for the Harvest


As we continue to think strategically but simply, the United States of America as a nation was dreamed up by God to facilitate His agenda. We were made to champion freedom and it is why a Statue of Liberty is our best emblem. We were made to stop Satan’s social agenda to eliminate Jews and Israel - most obvious when we entered World War 2 to stop Hitler, but it is still ongoing. Antisemitism simmers yet in the governmental leadership of most nations and it is entirely irrational. Thirdly, we were created to upgrade the world economy out of starvation and survival so that a harvest not only of individuals but of nations could take place. We are now in the Kingdom Age and for it to thrive it requires an atmosphere of abundance. You can harvest souls when there is poverty, but it requires abundance to harvest nations.


This is where the rubber hits the road for the Body of Christ and why we have so much discord even among Christians as it relates to governance perspectives. In God’s clearly laid out narrative, He is a God who delights in providing an atmosphere of liberty above providing an atmosphere of guaranteed results. This has been His pattern from the Garden of Eden where He provided a place with freedom to even make a bad choice. He is a good God who thinks freedom is better than security and that opportunity is better than insurances or assurances.

Socialism speaks potentially to God’s heart of compassion for those without but it misrepresents who He reveals Himself to be even in the person of Jesus. The parable of the talents was not about 3 individuals receiving equal amounts but 3 individuals being given varying measures (5,2 and 1) according to their ability to steward it- and the Master knowing they didn't have equal stewardship abilities. Even as it relates to spiritual gifts we see a God who gives different measures to different ones. Some are clearly more gifted than others. He gives something to every one, but He knows who He has put the greater bandwidth in. He then looks for faithfulness in the little in order to give more. As we extrapolate from how He builds His church we cannot conclude He is a God of guaranteed equal outcomes for all. He loves all equally. He gives plenty of opportunities to all. But He also says “to whom much is given, much is required” implying that not all receive equal shares. He withholds from no one but if He does wire a person or even a nation with more He expects more from that. For instance, He expects more from America because He sowed more into America. He sows more into certain people or nations when He needs to intervene to steer His agenda and recoup lost territory. Even when it doesn’t look like it, He is always 10 steps ahead of the enemy.


If we understand and agree with the above, we understand that God is not going to let America just turn into a European-type nation- even one with some good outcomes. God has not called America to be a “Nanny State” nation nor one that just fits into the “global family" of nations. We are called to be catalytic towards kingdom priorities and because that is so He has interrupted our normal processes to put in a President that would be comfortable enough running against the current- that he would ultimately facilitate matters on God’s heart.

Does this mean that God approves of all his language or all his previous behavior with women? No, of course not, He is still a God of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. However, in the absence of qualified, character-laden sons and daughters, He choses the best who is available for His purposes. We, the supposed full of the fruit of the Holy Spirit ones, prefer to pray or in some way hang on the mountain of religion, and so God uses whom He uses. It is why I continue to challenge the Body of Christ with the 7 mountain mandate. If you don’t like who is in the positions of power then make yourself available in a real qualified way. Prayer is only ever going to be a preliminary and an accompanying stage. It is not the whole of our assignment and more and more we are finally getting that. We don’t need the leaders in the prayer movement to lose their passion we just need 7 mountain reformers to arise with similar passion to do that which accompanies fasting and prayer. Moses praying on the mountain with his hands held high only mattered if Joshua was on the actual battlefield.


Ultimately, President Trump will prove to have been very qualified towards God’s world social agenda and will end up being better than we deserved. He spoke to me- that actually our last 5 presidents, were all better than we deserved. However, under the last presidency we were beginning to stray so far from our primary call as a nation that He had to intervene in a unique way or we would not find a way back into destiny. If His ordained "lead nation" has a dinged compass it inevitably leads the other 200 plus nations to also be in disorientation. Humanistic individuals and mindsets had embedded themselves deeply to steer our nation away from its ordained destiny and so God intervened in our electoral processes. He has always called flawed individuals to do great things so we need to quit acting like it couldn’t have been God because President Trump is not a saint. When it is all said and done, and when you one day realize what all President Trump when up against, you will better appreciate the wisdom and greatness of God. When you are Ruler of the Nations, you must look beyond whether a chosen vessel misuses Twitter, as you decide which of your flawed vessels will better facilitate the next level of His intervention on earth.


Beginning with the letting go of Rex Tillerson, President Trump is shifting into the next level of his role. Rex Tillerson was a good man but he was high on diplomacy and represented the “good cop” lead foot as America went into foreign policy. President Trump is now placing those around him that best allow the “bad cop” reality to show up on the world diplomatic scene. There has been an olive leaf of sorts held out to nations and leaders operating from a corrupt and dangerous place but now it is time to bring the full weight of justice to the table. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea are among key nations whose leadership will face a next level of American pressure. Furthermore at a national level there will also be a more ruthless willingness to go after the simmering corruption and dark agenda that has been managing to confuse the nation with its double speak and guile. Justice is going to yet get healthy and the next 7 months are specifically designed to be accelerated time for that to be proven.

Johnny Enlow

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