• John Bell

"Chicago Destiny"John Bell

Dear Chicago, we firmly believe the Lord is writing you a new story, do you wish to receive it? He is cleaning it up, moving it around and making it into something pleasant to listen to once again.

He is going to make the new story available on the media for all to hear, those who know him already and those whom are yet to know Him.

He is not only writing you a new story but in this season He is looking at you like a new canvas, held up by the easel of your faithful servants in the city. He is painting a new picture, creating a new narrative that correctly portrays his plan for you. Take a moment and dare to dream what this new picture looks like.

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Embrace the new that He has for you Chicago. He is turning you into a city of Welcome and Hospitality for the Nations.

Many Nations will begin to turn up at your door and you must be ready to receive them.

Not only will you receive many Nations, but you will send folks out to many Nations. Using the two way bridges that the Lord is constructing in this time, brick by brick. Bridges of peace, reconciliation, love and welcome.

Chicago we bless you and call you forth into your destiny.

John Bell

Contact: healingcommunitylife@gmail.com



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