"Vision Bob Jones & President Trump" Ian Johnson

I had a dream where Bob Jones ( the prophet) was awakened from sleep.. He looked intently at me and said “A surprise move from behind will bring a move of God, a move-totally unexpected” he said.. then He said pray for Donald Trump he holds a key.. The waves of glory that rolled in after he spoke were huge, so big that Bob couldn’t stand, he looked at me again and said “remember to look behind” Ive thought about the interpretation - Bob Jones asleep represents the sleeping prophetic church.. Good news the prophets were awakened and saw a move (unexpected) coming from behind.. not in the future but almost like a rekindled, unfinished old move. It was a surprise.. Donald trump represents Governmental structure. So The Apostles & Prophets hold a key.. .. In the dream there were Waves of glory so strong that even Bob couldn’t stand up in it.. he fell down in the glory.. then he reiterated “Look behind” reminding me again of an unexpected move. As many get distracted by Mystery and other things that are totally valid but also a distraction from the main event, which is God reconciling the world to Himself, in Jesus. The sound of the Prophetic Governmental Church (His Government) is rising again, in waves of unparalleled glory.

Subscribe to Global Prophetic Live Remember a whole generation has passed since Billy Graham and others released a wave of reconciliation into the earth. The dreams instructions were “Look Behind” not to do the same as they did, but to be encouraged that God used them to bring change and reconciliation. This move is new and fresh, and will be different, New Governmental structure, but most importantly a new wave of souls being reconciled to God.

Ian Johnson




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