Heaven .... Hell... Donna Schambach

We cannot speak accurately of Heaven when we are still feeling the pains of earth and hearing the whispers of the adversary. We can imagine—because we have clung to the Living Jesus ; and, we can hope—because His Spirit makes Heaven’s melodies within our hearts. But, eye has not seen nor ear heard—yet!

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Neither can we accurately describe Hell’s torment, because any time our mind reaches to imagine its suffering, we do so while surrounded by the Ever-Present Christ. We can’t fully understand its anguish, utter aloneness and banishment, while praying saints and Word-Speakers still surround us with the truth and love of God.

Some may think it would be the better choice to be without the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the call of the church family, and the many reminders of a fast-approaching Eternity. Some perhaps think it would be best just to have those voices off their backs.

One day they will all be gone. One day all will be left with the totality of their choices. One day some poor soul will be looking for just one voice of comfort, or wishing someone had a prayer to say. Then they will realize, they had made the choice to walk away from the Promise, His people, and you walked away from Him.

Heaven will never be theirs, and they will have what’s left.

May it NEVER be true of you.

Donna Schambach

President at Schambach Foundation and Missionary-Teacher-Evangelist at

Schambach Ministries International




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