• Bill Yount

"It's Showtime!" Bill Yount

An Uninvited Guest Has Invited Himself to Planet Earth - It's Showtime! In the spirit, I saw on giant marquees in front of theaters, hotels and many buildings throughout the world, the words, "It's Showtime!" The Lord was announcing to planet earth that He was coming to show up in a sovereign way to heal, deliver and manifest His glory. It was a kairos time to show and tell cities and nations what He had to offer. Just when we thought every light on earth had gone out and the stars had fallen from their sockets, His light was returning to the world, expelling darkness.

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I was amazed as I saw Him overruling people's belief systems and revealing Himself to them. He was touching atheists who didn't believe in Him but He believed in them. Witches, occults, Hollywood stars and many of His own people who through great trials, afflictions and hope deferred, had turned away from Him were still being pursued by Him. It was a day of His appearing once again as He was making public appearances throughout the world by visions and dreams to individuals, including world leaders and mass gatherings. To many, He was the uninvited guest who had invited Himself. Bill Yount

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When called into the inner places of the palace, we must learn how to get His attention. We must adhere to the protocol or procedure of the palace. A rule of conduct is necessary. Protocol is “a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence.”3 If we can learn to submit to royal protocol, we qualify to be called into the presence of the King. ere is a di erence between being saved from our sins and being an ambassador for the King. is position requires the correct conduct to perform kingly duties.

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