"Your Overflowing! Its Time"! Chuck Pierce

This is such an exciting season as we continue to cross over and go beyond where we have ever been before. Not only are we understanding our new identity, but our spiritual gifts are being activated and aligned for Kingdom advancement.

It's Your Time to Overflow!

"Your overflow valve cannot contain and stop what is about to flow through you. What has not overflowed from you will now begin to flow. This week I am adjusting your overflow valve, and you will be part of creating the river. The vision and revelation in you that's never been fully released will now flow forth as I adjust your overflow valve and cause you to pour out in a new way.

"I have new tools for a new era. Every revolution produces technology and tools for a new day and a new age. You have not entered a new season, but a new era. There are some game-changers that are coming. I have called you to SHIFT, and the changes you make now will cause systems and structures to operate in a whole new way. This is your time to get on your mark, get set, get ready...GO!!!

"I went in that tomb one way, but the world did not understand what would happen inside of that tomb. When I came out, I came out in a different form and with a different power. Those who know My voice see Me in the form that I am coming in. This week, expect Me to meet you in a new way...in a form you wouldn't readily recognize. I am coming this week to speak to you in a way that will surprise you, so be alert to My voice!

Come Up Higher in March!

"In the month of March, I will cause you to come up higher. I will cause you to let go of fears that have been hanging on to you. I will cause you to take new risks in My Spirit that will cause you to supernaturally break some barriers that have kept you bound and held you back. I am releasing an Antioch spirit in this apostolic center that will take you into a new place with Me.

"Come higher...roll higher, roll higher. The vision I've given you for this season isn't the same as the one for last season. Come higher – for there are new dimensions of increase! There are new levels of harvest and increase for you. Come higher, come higher! Don't look from the last seven years, but look from the next seven years! I am not in time and can catch you seven years ahead and have you make adjustments to your vision today that will cause you to increase in those seven years.

The Enemy Will Be Exposed

"I am bringing My people into a type of celebration, and then I'm bringing the enemy right into your midst. While the enemy is in the midst of your celebration, he will be required to submit to My voice and be exposed. Now is your time to decree that false judgments set against you will be exposed. Every word that has bound and trapped you will be heard for what it really is, and the enemy's claim against My people will be exposed.

"Ascend and come up with Me, and I will shoot you down like a shot in the dark. The darkness has not been dealt with the way that I'm about to deal with it. Come up and be shot down into darkness, and watch the darkness begin to spread, flee and dissipate. Get ready to be shot out of your heavenly place into dark places! You will be shot like the arrow of a mighty man; you will be shot like the arrow from My hand!

Diligence is Key

"In the days ahead, there is much, much, much to do. There is much to see and much to say. I will, and am, adjusting you to represent Me in the days ahead. You will not be known by your fruit, but by My fruit. I am tucking inside of you seeds of wisdom, seeds of knowledge, and seeds of understanding. These seeds will grow and combat what will enter upon your path. You will know, taste, and see the goodness of God. My days are shining brightly even though the enemy is shrouding with darkness. You will clearly see the way that you must go.

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"I will align My angels beside you to keep you straight and focused on the path ahead. Diligence is key to align with Me. Go forth in prayer and dancing. Remember, there is joy in the pressing. Be fruitful and multiply to those around you, for there is great strength in many. Rejoice, and again, I say rejoice!" (Prophetic words spoken by: Chuck D. Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Anne Tate, Eleanor Roehl, Candice Demerly)

Chuck D. Pierce Glory of Zion International Ministries Contact chuckp@glory-of-zion.org www.glory-of-zion.org


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