"Keys In The Prophetic New Time Slot"

New Time Slot

Oct 4th 6 PM CDT


From the very beginning of Chicago Prophetic Voice 2011 We have been Doing Live Broadcasting. Directly from our Encounters. Our Church our home and everywhere else.

So we are going to be inviting some special guests to come on the broadcast and Celebrate with us.

We love releasing Fresh Prophecy News Bits and New Voices

We will prophecy Teach Release And Demonstrate all things Prophetic

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Julie A. Smith is the managing editor of the Elijah List. She has over 10 years of experience in business management as well in publishing, including online, magazine, newspaper and book publishing media. She is passionate about seeing people walk in their destiny, in their true identity and drawing them closer to the Holy Spirit. Julie is a seer and operates in the gift of discerning of spirits and believes these gifts are for the world around us to shift the atmosphere through intercessory prayer and declarations as well help people be set free. Julie was born in Thailand and has an incredible family story of redemption. The Lord has also given her a passion for her home country of Thailand, especially the women and children, and for them to be set free and come into their true identity. Julie has spoken at churches in the US and Thailand, as well as ministry groups, and supernatural school. Julie resides in Salem, OR.



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