Damon Stuart Live Feb 13 11 Am CDT

Dr. Theresa Phillips and her guest, Damon Stuart will discuss entering into the realm of Prophetic Worship. Bring your questions with you. You can post them into the chat box as soon as we begin. Damon's passion and desire is to take you into that intimate place of worship that ushers you in the very throne room of God. As Damon says often, there is nothing better than being in the presence of the Lord. We have added the webcast days and times for the month of February so that you can add them to the calendar. Guests will change each week, so be sure to watch who will be on with Dr. Theresa next time! Please note the time and adjust for your time zone: 12 pm Eastern / 11 am Central / 10 am Mountain / 9 am Pacific We are so happy that you are going to join us. Whether you watch LIVE or you catch the replay in the private Facebook group, you are going to be richly blessed. Generally, a few days after the broadcast, Dr. Theresa posts the video into the Facebook group for approximately 24 hours. You can request to join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalPropheticLive/


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