A Hidden Element Being Released


While I was driving, I heard the words, ‘fear and anxiety’. What followed was an immediate vision of a group of believers with chains and shackles around their ankles. Some were even chained to each other. These had been rendered powerless, for years with fears, phobias and anxieties.

In an instant the chains were broken and these were freed, and began to move in signs, wonders, and God’s power. Once freed, God would soon be giving them, ‘marching orders’. I also sensed this would spark a great move of Evangelism.

I enquired of the Lord, and he further impressed on me that this would be a Sovereign move of deliverance!

Furthermore, I sensed that this was going to be a very powerful, almost elite force of Believers, that would be released. They would be a ‘formidable foe’ to the enemy of their souls, that had held them immobile, and isolated. Please note, what had held them captive, was going to be given them a great authority to release others, particularly also struggling fear and anxiety!

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When these believers walked out the fullness of their deliverance, they would leave large spiritual imprints of, ‘release’, that would never disappear. That even when they walked into a room, every fear demon around would ‘run for the hills’.

God is punching a hole in the darkness of fear and anxiety with these that had suffered in this bondage for years!

I also felt that these who know who they are, should start praising and thanking Him for this deliverance, now! They should embrace with excited expectation (hope) their impending freedom.

Fear demons are trembling in their boots, for their days are numbered. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Josephine Marie Ayers/Flames of Fire Ministries, Inc.

Contact josephine@flamesoffire.us


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