• Nancy Slocum

"Show Me Your Glory"

Show Me Your Glory

“The show, the show must go on! What I am about to show you will be so glorious that everything up to this point in time will make everything pale in comparison.

“A breakthrough is coming forth in the earth as the knowledge of My glory comes forth. Religious mindsets are going to be shattered. Eyes are going to become wide open and a deep, deep hunger for God is going to rumble in the earth like a smoldering volcano about to blow its top!

“There is going to be such a hunger for God in the earth like in the day of Moses when he said to Me, ‘Show me your glory!’ That is going to be the heart cry of people who are hungry for Me and My Word and I shall open the stores of My treasure and show it to them with their eyes and hearts wide open. They are the burning ones who shall receive My revelation and the demonstration of My power like never before!

“I shall show these ones treasures of the deep and dark mysteries that are eternal and go beyond time and space. I shall give them keys that open those doors that have been shut up until now. They will bust wide open and these burning ones shall walk through the gates of influence and they shall have access to scale all mountains and spheres of influence in the earth. They shall be catalysts and conduits that will catapult the showing of My glory in the earth. The cry of their heart shall be – show me your glory! And just like I showed Moses I shall show them only greater.

“It will cause a flood of the knowledge of my glory to cover the earth. It will cause not just a revival and reformation but a rebirthing and renaissance of My glory in the earth!

“A demonstration of My glory and power is coming forth like never before. The show must go on. The showing of My glory is going to saturate – I said saturate – every mountain of influence and sphere of culture to make Me and My kingdom ways known in all the earth.

“Yes, it is time for the ways of heaven to invade earth! And those who honor Me and My ways will carry the glory in the earth like burning embers that will start a holy fire that cannot be put out.

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“And like I had Isaiah’s lips touched and cleansed with a burning coal from heaven I will do to countless others who are sold out to Me. The Monarchy of Heaven is coming forth in a demonstration of glory that the world has never seen before.

“My glory and kingdom ways will touch and transform families, homes, churches, workplaces, government, schools and universities, the arts and entertainment, and the media. Nothing will be left untouched!

“Greater revelation is coming forth. Inventions, creative ideas, and cures for diseases are coming forth. Ways of trade and doing business are coming forth. The flow of finances and the wealth transfer will be greatly influenced when people see the purpose of money through My eyes.

“Technology and communication will increase. How people connect, communicate, and do relationship will change and be greatly influenced by My glory. Every conceivable form and fashion of creativity will be effected and shall demonstrate My glory for I am a Master Creator and I have made all people in my image and likeness. Those who have a heart for Me and who love and obey Me shall reflect and carry My glory.

“Yes, evil and darkness are increasing, but the light of My glory is ever increasing and greater still. My light and glory shall never be snuffed out, subdued, or defeated, for I have already conquered the darkness of death, hell, and the grave. I am coming back soon for a glorious church, a spotless and blameless bride, and we shall rule and reign together throughout eternity.

“Ask Me to show you the glory and I shall surely show it to you!

“Get ready for the knowledge of My glory to cover the earth like the waters cover the seas. It shall surely come to pass. I will show you My full glory in the name of Jesus!”

Love in Jesus,

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!

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