Steppin In

"Steppin In" "I have the right to jump off a bridge - but I don't" The line or the Door? The lifestyle and ways of a person always points others to the truth and foundation that they are making a stand for or against. Just because something is legal or something is right, does not mean I can do them - because they can have an adverse effect on others. The matrix of all that has surfaced and still is in our country will bring that statement to light with much clarity this year. Finger pointing always has three other fingers pointing back at the one pointing. Get my point?...LOL Gods Truth will always bring things into HIs Light of Truth - lets make sure we are releasing His Light to this World by our witness not our finger....get my point?...LOL A stable way of living, a steadfast faith in God will always reveal the intent and heart of those around them. The coming days of this year will come to be known as the year that a line have been drawn. It will be known as a year the door of New Beginnings takes on a New Look - for that line and that door will be one of determining to become a very bold witness for the Lord or to continue living in a religious bubble of silence, for the line has become very clear - God says the days of line straddling is over. These choices, the line and the door are now before the body of Christ. This will be a year that the "Enabler Spirit" will be broken by the Church. The Church has long be silenced by becoming what the World says she should look like - because of this the Church has given entrance to carnal minds and carnal lifestyles. The Church has "Enabled" these lifestyles to enter in to their homes, services, and community voice.

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This is a year that individuals will be given a choice to cast off and out this weakness and plague that ushers in compromise and carnality. This spirit births witchcraft and bondage both to the enabler and the one being enabled. Whole families, churches, cities and nations are under this compromising spirit and it has stunted the growth of Gods army. Because of this the Church has allowed Gods Deliverance to be stripped away and many are walking in half truths and bondages that God has never intended them to be under, the spirit of religion and demonic activity are in these lifestyles. God says no more can these things be allowed by His Church - she can no longer be between two opinions, she must make a step forward into His Kingdom Truth. The line and the Door is before her! This will become a year of New Beginnings for those who see and step clear of the line and open this Door! Get Ready its gonna be an awesome year for Gods Church! #steppinin

Keith e. Taylor


Sr Pastor of Cross Tabernacle Church in Terre Haute Indiana


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